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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Larry Line – Clarksville, Maryland
Dyseriocrania griseocapitella
0003Dyseriocrania griseocapitella
Chinquapin Leaf-miner
Hybroma servulella
0300Hybroma servulella
Yellow Wave
Acrolophus arcanella
0340Acrolophus arcanella
Grass Tubeworm
Acrolophus popeanella
0373Acrolophus popeanella
Clemens' Grass Tubeworm
Monopis longella
0418.10Monopis longella
Bibarrambla allenella
0911Bibarrambla allenella
Bog Bibarrambla
Semioscopis merriccella
0913Semioscopis merriccella
Semioscopis aurorella
0916Semioscopis aurorella
Psilocorsis cryptolechiella
0956Psilocorsis cryptolechiella
Black-fringed Leaftier
Antaeotricha leucillana
1014Antaeotricha leucillana
Pale Gray Bird-dropping Moth
Antaeotricha humilis
1019Antaeotricha humilis
Dotted Anteotricha Moth
Menesta melanella
1031Menesta melanella
Callima argenticinctella
1046Callima argenticinctella
Orange-headed Epicallima
Gerdana caritella
1144Gerdana caritella
Chionodes mediofuscella
2093Chionodes mediofuscella
Black-smudged Chionodes
Dichomeris punctipennella
2288Dichomeris punctipennella
Many-spotted Dichomeris
Tebenna gnaphaliella
2647Tebenna gnaphaliella
Everlasting Tebbena Moth
Prionoxystus macmurtrei
2694Prionoxystus macmurtrei
Little Carpenterworm
Zeuzera pyrina
2700Zeuzera pyrina
Leopard Moth
Phaecasiophora niveiguttana
2772Phaecasiophora niveiguttana
Labyrinth Moth
Olethreutes furfuranum
2776Olethreutes furfuranum
Woolly-backed Moth
Olethreutes inornatana
2788Olethreutes inornatana
Inornate Olethreutes
Olethreutes hamameliana
2804Olethreutes hamameliana
Olethreutes hamameliana
2804Olethreutes hamameliana
Olethreutes permundana
2817Olethreutes permundana
Raspberry Leafroller
Eucopina tocullionana
3074Eucopina tocullionana
White Pinecone Borer
Pseudexentera spoliana
3251Pseudexentera spoliana
Bare-patched Leafroller
Gretchena deludana
3259Gretchena deludana
Arrowhead Moth
Gretchena deludana
3259Gretchena deludana
Arrowhead Moth
Chimoptesis pennsylvaniana
3273Chimoptesis pennsylvaniana
Filigreed Moth
Ancylis metamelana
3359Ancylis metamelana
Black-marked Ancylis
Ancylis metamelana
3359Ancylis metamelana
Black-marked Ancylis
Ecdytolopha insiticiana
3497Ecdytolopha insiticiana
Locust Twig Borer
Acleris cervinana
3514Acleris cervinana
Acleris flavivittana
3542Acleris flavivittana
Multiform Leafroller
Argyrotaenia velutinana
3597Argyrotaenia velutinana
Red-banded Leafroller
Argyrotaenia alisellana
3624Argyrotaenia alisellana
White-spotted Leafroller
Argyrotaenia mariana
3625Argyrotaenia mariana
Gray-banded Leafroller
Choristoneura parallela
3633Choristoneura parallela
Parellel-banded Leafroller
Syndemis afflictana
3672Syndemis afflictana
Gray Leafroller
Clepsis clemensiana
3684Clepsis clemensiana
Clemens' Clepsis
Clepsis melaleucanus
3686Clepsis melaleucanus
Black-patched Clepsis
Clepsis peritana
3688Clepsis peritana
Garden Tortrix
Amorbia humerosana
3748Amorbia humerosana
White-line Leafroller
Henricus edwardsiana
3797Henricus edwardsiana
Henricus edwardsiana
3797Henricus edwardsiana
Rudenia leguminana
3839Rudenia leguminana
Black-tipped Rudenia
Megalopyge crispata
4644Megalopyge crispata
Black-waved Flannel Moth
Tortricidia flexuosa
4654Tortricidia flexuosa
Abbreviated Button Slug Moth
Lithacodes fasciola
4665Lithacodes fasciola
Yellow-shouldered Slug Moth
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