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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Dwaine Wagoner – Casper, Wyoming
Catocala grotiana
8818Catocala grotiana
Polychrysia morigera
8902Polychrysia morigera
Apamea acera
9338Apamea acera
Apamea zeta
9385Apamea zeta
Brachylomia elda
9994Brachylomia elda
Sympistis orbicularis
10040Sympistis orbicularis
Sympistis albifasciata
10076Sympistis albifasciata
Sympistis figurata
10130Sympistis figurata
Cucullia luna
10205Cucullia luna
Cucullia luna
10205Cucullia luna
Hadenella pergentilis
10221Hadenella pergentilis
Hadenella pergentilis
10221Hadenella pergentilis
Anarta oregonica
10228Anarta oregonica
Hadena variolata
10326Hadena variolata
Stretchia plusiaeformis
10471Stretchia plusiaeformis
Egira variabilis
10504Egira variabilis
Egira variabilis
10504Egira variabilis
Agrotis daedalus
10642Agrotis daedalus
Euxoa campestris
10756Euxoa campestris
Euxoa flavidens
10758Euxoa flavidens
Euxoa pluralis
10795Euxoa pluralis
Euxoa oblongistigma
10834Euxoa oblongistigma
Euxoa murdocki
10846Euxoa murdocki
Tesagrotis corrodera
10978.1Tesagrotis corrodera
Abagrotis turbulenta
11030Abagrotis turbulenta
Heliothis ononis
11077Heliothis ononis
Schinia edwardsii
11133Schinia edwardsii
Schinia illustra
11170Schinia illustra
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