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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Cindy Mead – Ogemaw County, Michigan
Oegoconia novimundi
1134Oegoconia novimundi
Acossus centerensis
2675Acossus centerensis
Olethreutes sp.
2859.97Olethreutes sp.
Packardia geminata
4659Packardia geminata
Anania hortulata
4952Anania hortulata
Palpita magniferalis
5226Palpita magniferalis
Vaxi critica
5466Vaxi critica
Sciota basilaris
5799Sciota basilaris
Heliomata cycladata
6261Heliomata cycladata
Macaria subcessaria
6303Macaria subcessaria
Macaria promiscuata
6331Macaria promiscuata
Macaria minorata
6340Macaria minorata
Macaria bisignata
6342Macaria bisignata
Macaria bisignata
6342Macaria bisignata
Ectropis crepuscularia
6597Ectropis crepuscularia
Melanolophia signataria
6621Melanolophia signataria
Lycia ursaria
6651Lycia ursaria
Lomographa semiclarata
6666Lomographa semiclarata
Lytrosis unitaria
6720Lytrosis unitaria
Lytrosis unitaria
6720Lytrosis unitaria
Lytrosis unitaria
6720Lytrosis unitaria
Lytrosis unitaria
6720Lytrosis unitaria
Euchlaena obtusaria
6726Euchlaena obtusaria
Phaeoura quernaria
6763Phaeoura quernaria
Phaeoura quernaria
6763Phaeoura quernaria

Metanema inatomaria
6819Metanema inatomaria
Metanema determinata
6820Metanema determinata
Cepphis armataria
6835Cepphis armataria
Plagodis kuetzingi
6841Plagodis kuetzingi
Plagodis phlogosaria
6842Plagodis phlogosaria
Plagodis fervidaria
6843Plagodis fervidaria
Plagodis alcoolaria
6844Plagodis alcoolaria
Lambdina fiscellaria
6888Lambdina fiscellaria
Nepytia canosaria
6906Nepytia canosaria
Tetracis cachexiata
6964Tetracis cachexiata
Eutrapela clemataria
6966Eutrapela clemataria
Nemoria mimosaria
7048Nemoria mimosaria
Thalera pistasciaria
7084Thalera pistasciaria
Scopula cacuminaria
7157Scopula cacuminaria
Hydriomena perfracta
7229Hydriomena perfracta
Rheumaptera meadii
7290Rheumaptera meadii
Orthonama obstipata
7414Orthonama obstipata
Eubaphe mendica
7440Eubaphe mendica
Malacosoma americana
7701Malacosoma americana
Antheraea polyphemus
7757Antheraea polyphemus
Lintneria eremitus
7796Lintneria eremitus
Lintneria eremitus
7796Lintneria eremitus
Lintneria eremitus
7796Lintneria eremitus
Clostera albosigma
7895Clostera albosigma
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