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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Charley Eiseman – Pelham, Massachusetts
Eriocraniella platyptera
0010Eriocraniella platyptera
Stigmella prunifoliella
0070Stigmella prunifoliella
Stigmella rhamnicola
0074Stigmella rhamnicola
Stigmella populetorum
0084Stigmella populetorum
Stigmella populetorum
0084Stigmella populetorum
Coptotriche purinosella
0135Coptotriche purinosella
Coptotriche purinosella
0135Coptotriche purinosella
Coptotriche agrimoniella
0148Coptotriche agrimoniella
Isocorypha mediostriatella
0299Isocorypha mediostriatella
Old Gold Isocorypha Moth
Dryadaula n. sp.
0307.96Dryadaula n. sp.
Undescribed Dryadaula Moths
Bucculatrix sexnotata
0529Bucculatrix sexnotata
Caloptilia canadensisella
0599Caloptilia canadensisella
Caloptilia vacciniella
0643Caloptilia vacciniella
Acrocercops quinquistrigella
0694Acrocercops quinquistrigella
Marmara viburnella
0718.3Marmara viburnella
Cremastobombycia solidaginis
0723Cremastobombycia solidaginis
Phyllonorycter albanotella
0727Phyllonorycter albanotella
Phyllonorycter lucetiella
0764Phyllonorycter lucetiella
Basswood Miner Moth
Phyllonorycter martiella
0770Phyllonorycter martiella
Macrosaccus coursetiae
0773.1Macrosaccus coursetiae
Phyllonorycter ostryaefoliella
0781Phyllonorycter ostryaefoliella
Phyllonorycter restrictella
0786Phyllonorycter restrictella
Macrosaccus uhlerella
0801Macrosaccus uhlerella
Phyllonorycter viburnella
0802Phyllonorycter viburnella
Cameraria corylisella
0817Cameraria corylisella
Phyllocnistis insignis
0846Phyllocnistis insignis
Phyllocnistis populiella
0852Phyllocnistis populiella
Aspen Serpentine Leafminer Moth
Mathildana newmanella
1059Mathildana newmanella
Newman's Mathildana Moth
Asaphocrita aphidiella
1171Asaphocrita aphidiella
Coleophora klimeschiella
1398.7Coleophora klimeschiella
Russian Thistle Casebearer Moth
Cosmopterix clemensella
1493Cosmopterix clemensella
Clemens' Cosmopterix Moth
Cosmopterix clemensella
1493Cosmopterix clemensella
Clemens' Cosmopterix Moth
Sorhagenia nimbosa
1633Sorhagenia nimbosa
Midrib Gall Moth
Yponomeuta cagnagella
2423.1Yponomeuta cagnagella
Spindle Ermine Moth
Argyresthia conjugella
2449Argyresthia conjugella
Apple Fruit Moth
Dichrorampha incanana
3407Dichrorampha incanana
Acleris oxycoccana
3529Acleris oxycoccana
Stenoptilodes antirrhina
6123Stenoptilodes antirrhina
Epimecis hortaria
6599Epimecis hortaria
Tulip-tree Beauty Moth
Trichodezia californiata
7432Trichodezia californiata
Eupithecia strattonata
7523Eupithecia strattonata
Peridea angulosa
7920Peridea angulosa
Angulose Prominent Moth
Zanclognatha laevigata
8345Zanclognatha laevigata
Variable Zanclognatha Moth
Euclidia cuspidea
8731Euclidia cuspidea
Toothed Somberwing Moth
Cerma cerintha
9062Cerma cerintha
Tufted Bird-dropping Moth
Euscirrhopterus cosyra
9308Euscirrhopterus cosyra
Staghorn Cholla Moth
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