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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Archived Photos of Living Moths

Please see the page on submitting photos (link above at right). Photos that are identified here are retained for later use on pages like this one and on individual species pages. For photos to be usable here they must be capable of cropping and reduction to fit a square 225 x 225 pixels in size. A different size (300 x 225) will be used for some species that normally pose with the wings fully spread.

Photos are preferred of moths oriented head upward rather than at an angle. Normally, four photos, each by a different photographer, will be the limit per species. Exceptions might be made for species where there are many morphs, forms and aberrations. Better photos will replace those not as capable of helping to identify the species. There is no guarantee that a photo, once in the archive, will be retained permanently.

Unidentified & Non-Lep Larvae
Refereed by John & Jane Balaban

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