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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


9305148364 – Black-banded Owlet – Phalaenostola larentioides
Phalaenostola larentioides
9305168366 – Smoky Tetanolita – Tetanolita mynesalis
Tetanolita mynesalis
9305178367Tetanolita palligera
Tetanolita palligera
930517.018367.01Tetanolita nr. palligera
Tetanolita nr. palligera
9305388386 – Speckled Renia – Renia adspergillus
Renia adspergillus
Renia adspergillus
Renia adspergillus
9305518397 – Dark-spotted Palthis – Palthis angulalis
Palthis angulalis
9305528398 – Faint-spotted Palthis – Palthis asopialis
Palthis asopialis
9305918412 – Gold-lined Melanomma – Melanomma auricinctaria
Melanomma auricinctaria
Melanomma auricinctaria
9306628421 – Broken-line Hypenodes – Hypenodes fractilinea
Hypenodes fractilinea
Hypenodes fractilinea
9306688431 – Black-spotted Schrankia – Schrankia macula
Schrankia macula


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