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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Crambidae through Drepanidae
8010024736Eudonia bronzalis
Eudonia bronzalis
8010044738 – Striped Eudonia Moth – Eudonia strigalis
Eudonia strigalis
8007274751 – Waterlily Borer – Elophila gyralis
Elophila gyralis
Elophila gyralis
8007284754Elophila tinealis
Elophila tinealis
Elophila tinealis
8007294755 – Waterlily Leafcutter Moth – Elophila obliteralis
Elophila obliteralis
8007364761 – Chestnut-marked Pondweed Moth – Parapoynx badiusalis
Parapoynx badiusalis
8007574777 – 4777-79 Petrophila sp. grp. – Petrophila fulicalis
Petrophila fulicalis
Petrophila fulicalis
8011314795 – Whip-marked Snout Moth – Microtheoris vibicalis
Microtheoris vibicalis
Microtheoris vibicalis
Microtheoris vibicalis
8011344798Frechinia helianthiales
Frechinia helianthiales
801139.974802.97 – Unidentified Frechinia Moths – Frechinia sp.
Frechinia sp.
8010494853Scybalistodes periculosalis
Scybalistodes periculosalis
8010474857Nephrogramma reniculalis
Nephrogramma reniculalis
Nephrogramma reniculalis
Nephrogramma reniculalis
Nephrogramma reniculalis
8010444864Stegea eripalis
Stegea eripalis
8010454865Stegea salutalis
Stegea salutalis
8010374867 – White-trimmed Brown Pyralid Moth – Abegesta remellalis
Abegesta remellalis
8010234869 – Common Glaphyria Moth – Glaphyria glaphyralis
Glaphyria glaphyralis
8010244870 – White-roped Glaphyria Moth – Glaphyria sesquistrialis
Glaphyria sesquistrialis
8010274873 – Black-patched Glaphyria Moth – Glaphyria fulminalis
Glaphyria fulminalis
8010554881Lipocosma sicalis
Lipocosma sicalis
8010604886Lipocosma albinibasalis
Lipocosma albinibasalis
8010654891Dicymolomia opuntialis
Dicymolomia opuntialis
8010664892Dicymolomia metalliferalis
Dicymolomia metalliferalis
8010694895 – Sooty-winged Chalcoela Moth – Chalcoela iphitalis
Chalcoela iphitalis
8014074936 – Dogbane Saucrobotys Moth – Saucrobotys futilalis
Saucrobotys futilalis
8014094937 – Streaked Orange Moth – Nascia acutellus
Nascia acutellus
8014184944 – Angelic Crocidiphora Moth – Crocidophora serratissimalis
Crocidophora serratissimalis
8014194945 – Pale-winged Crocidiphora Moth – Crocidophora tuberculalis
Crocidophora tuberculalis
8014204946 – American Lotus Borer – Ostrinia penitalis
Ostrinia penitalis
8014214947 – Smartweed Borer – Ostrinia obumbratalis
Ostrinia obumbratalis
8014234949 – European Corn Borer – Ostrinia nubilalis
Ostrinia nubilalis
8014254951 – Titian Peale's Pyralid Moth – Perispasta caeculalis
Perispasta caeculalis
8014274953 – Crowned Phlyctaenia Moth – Anania tertialis
Anania tertialis
8014394962Hahncappsia marculenta
Hahncappsia marculenta
8014544977Neohelvibotys neohelvialis
Neohelvibotys neohelvialis
8014574980Helvibotys helvialis
Helvibotys helvialis
Helvibotys helvialis
8014614984Helvibotys pucilla
Helvibotys pucilla
8014694991Sericoplaga externalis
Sericoplaga externalis
8014704992 – Genista Broom Moth – Uresiphita reversalis
Uresiphita reversalis
Uresiphita reversalis
8015025023Pyrausta napaealis
Pyrausta napaealis
8015085029 – Volupial Pyrausta Moth – Pyrausta volupialis
Pyrausta volupialis
Pyrausta volupialis


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