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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Crambidae through Drepanidae
8003815816Phobus curvatella
Phobus curvatella
8003895823Pyla impostor
Pyla impostor
800408.975839.97 – Unidentified Pylas – Pyla sp.
Pyla sp.
8004355853 – Southern Pineconeworm – Dioryctria amatella
Dioryctria amatella
8004825890Adelphia petrella
Adelphia petrella
8004865896 – Lesser Cornstalk Borer – Elasmopalpus lignosella
Elasmopalpus lignosella
Elasmopalpus lignosella
8005065913 – Alligatorweed Stemborer – Macrorrhinia endonephele
Macrorrhinia endonephele
8005405916Ancylosis morrisonella
Ancylosis morrisonella
8005455919Honora mellinella
Honora mellinella
Honora mellinella
Honora mellinella
8005495923Honora montinatatella
Honora montinatatella
8004795926 – Elm Leaftier – Canarsia ulmiarrosorella
Canarsia ulmiarrosorella
8006265935 – Sunflower Moth – Homoeosoma electella
Homoeosoma electella
Homoeosoma electella
8006315936Homoeosoma stypticella
Homoeosoma stypticella
8006405942Homoeosoma impressalis
Homoeosoma impressalis
8006415944Homoeosoma deceptorium
Homoeosoma deceptorium
8006515946.2Phycitodes reliquellum
Phycitodes reliquellum
8005575949 – Scale-feeding Snout Moth – Laetilia coccidivora
Laetilia coccidivora
8005595949.1Laetilia dilatifasciella
Laetilia dilatifasciella
Laetilia dilatifasciella
8005605950Laetilia zamacrella
Laetilia zamacrella
800575.975963.97 – Unidentified Rostrolaetilias – Rostrolaetilia sp.
Rostrolaetilia sp.


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