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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Crambidae through Drepanidae
8002065720Myelopsis alatella
Myelopsis alatella
8003425745Glyptocera consobrinella
Glyptocera consobrinella
8003015767Oreana unicolorella
Oreana unicolorella
8003065771Salebriaria turpidella
Salebriaria turpidella
Salebriaria turpidella
8003105773 – Engel's Salebriaria – Salebriaria engeli
Salebriaria engeli
8003115773.1Salebriaria roseopunctella
Salebriaria roseopunctella
8003245774Salebriaria annulosella
Salebriaria annulosella
8003125775.1Salebriaria fasciata
Salebriaria fasciata
8003185775.7Salebriaria simpliciella
Salebriaria simpliciella
Salebriaria simpliciella
Salebriaria simpliciella
8003205775.9Salebriaria kanawha
Salebriaria kanawha
800323.975776.97 – Unidentified Salebriarias – Salebriaria sp.
Salebriaria sp.
8003335779.1Quasisalebria atratella
Quasisalebria atratella
8003465786 – Poplar Bud Borer – Meroptera cviatella
Meroptera cviatella
Meroptera cviatella
8003715789 – Striped Sumac Leafroller – Sciota subfuscella
Sciota subfuscella
8003585801Sciota bifasciella
Sciota bifasciella
8003725802 – Sweetgum Leafroller – Sciota uvinella
Sciota uvinella
8003705803Sciota celtidella
Sciota celtidella
Sciota celtidella
Sciota celtidella
8003495804Sciota rubrisparsella
Sciota rubrisparsella
800350.975806.97 – Unidentified Sciotas – Sciota sp.
Sciota sp.
8003745808 – Tlascala – Tlascala reductella
Tlascala reductella
Tlascala reductella
Tlascala reductella


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