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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Crambidae through Drepanidae
8001005579 – Zeller's Macalla – Macalla zelleri
Macalla zelleri
8001235596 – Lespedeza Webworm – Pococera scortealis
Pococera scortealis
8001305603Pococera maritimalis
Pococera maritimalis
Pococera maritimalis
8001315604 – Sycamore Webworm – Pococera militella
Pococera militella
8001335606 – Maple Webworm – Pococera asperatella
Pococera asperatella
Pococera asperatella
8001355608 – Striped Oak Webworm – Pococera expandens
Pococera expandens
8001445617Pococera humerella
Pococera humerella
Pococera humerella
Pococera humerella
8001465619Pococera baptisiella
Pococera baptisiella
800147.975620.97 – Unidentified Pococera Species – Pococera sp.
Pococera sp.
Pococera sp.
Pococera sp.
8000025623 – Lesser Wax Moth – Achroia grisella
Achroia grisella
8000045625Omphalocera cariosa
Omphalocera cariosa
8000065627 – Asimina Webworm – Omphalocera munroei
Omphalocera munroei
8000095630 – Terrenella Bee Moth – Aphomia terrenella
Aphomia terrenella

8000275646Alpheias transferrens
Alpheias transferrens
8001545656Acrobasis comptella
Acrobasis comptella
8001775657Acrobasis minimella
Acrobasis minimella
8001725663Acrobasis tumidulella
Acrobasis tumidulella
8001565664 – Hickory Shoot Borer – Acrobasis caryae
Acrobasis caryae
8001655672 – Cordovan Pyralid Moth – Acrobasis exsulella
Acrobasis exsulella
Acrobasis exsulella


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