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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Crambidae through Drepanidae
801379.15251 – Eight-barred Lygropia Moth – Conchylodes octonalis
Conchylodes octonalis
8011675256 – Fractured Western Snout Moth – Diastictis fracturalis
Diastictis fracturalis
Diastictis fracturalis
8013735268 – Obscure Psara – Psara obscuralis
Psara obscuralis
Psara obscuralis
8011935272 – Southern Beet Webworm – Herpetogramma bipunctalis
Herpetogramma bipunctalis
8011965274 – Dusky Herpetogramma – Herpetogramma phaeopteralis
Herpetogramma phaeopteralis
8011975275 – Bold-feathered Grass Moth – Herpetogramma pertextalis
Herpetogramma pertextalis
8012075281 – Scraped Pilocrocis – Pilocrocis ramentalis
Pilocrocis ramentalis
8013815289Marasmia cochrusalis
Marasmia cochrusalis
8007115316.1Donacaula dispersellus
Donacaula dispersellus
Donacaula dispersellus
Donacaula dispersellus
800719.975324.97 – Unidentified Donacaulas – Donacaula sp.
Donacaula sp.
8009435355 – Common Grass-veneer – Crambus praefectellus
Crambus praefectellus
8009505362 – Double-banded Grass-veneer – Crambus agitatellus
Crambus agitatellus
8009585370Crambus sperryellus
Crambus sperryellus
8008875379 – Mottled Grass-veneer – Neodactria luteolellus
Neodactria luteolellus
8008885380Neodactria zeellus
Neodactria zeellus
8008905382Neodactria murellus
Neodactria murellus
8009225403 – Vagabond Crambus Moth – Agriphila vulgivagellus
Agriphila vulgivagellus
8009685405Crambus angulatus
Crambus angulatus
Crambus angulatus
8009005413 – Sod Webworm – Pediasia trisecta
Pediasia trisecta
8008755420 – Elegant Grass-veneer – Microcrambus elegans
Microcrambus elegans
8008695434Fissicrambus hemiochrellus
Fissicrambus hemiochrellus
Fissicrambus hemiochrellus
8008705435 – Changeable Grass-veneer – Fissicrambus mutabilis
Fissicrambus mutabilis
8008495438Thaumatopsis edonis
Thaumatopsis edonis
Thaumatopsis edonis
8009075451 – Bluegrass Webworm – Parapediasia teterrellus
Parapediasia teterrellus
8008385478Diatraea evanescens
Diatraea evanescens
8007955482Haimbachia squamulellus
Haimbachia squamulellus
8008045491Haimbachia diminutalis
Haimbachia diminutalis
8008065493Eoreuma loftini
Eoreuma loftini
8007885500Xubida panalope
Xubida panalope
800794.975506.97 – Unidentified Xubidas – Xubida sp.
Xubida sp.
8008285507Hemiplatytes epia
Hemiplatytes epia
Hemiplatytes epia
Hemiplatytes epia
Hemiplatytes epia
Hemiplatytes epia
8000765513Aglossa electalis
Aglossa electalis
8000775514Aglossa cacamica
Aglossa cacamica
Aglossa cacamica
Aglossa cacamica
8000895527Hypsopygia phoezalis
Hypsopygia phoezalis
8000335538Parachma ochracealis
Parachma ochracealis
8000525556 – Dimorphic Tosale – Tosale oviplagalis
Tosale oviplagalis
8000595563 – Trumpet Vine Moth – Clydonopteron sacculana
Clydonopteron sacculana
8000625566 – Posturing Arta – Arta statalis
Arta statalis
8000635567Arta epicoenalis
Arta epicoenalis
8001025577Epipaschia superatalis
Epipaschia superatalis
Epipaschia superatalis


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