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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


9322389684 – Grateful Midget Moth – Elaphria grata
Elaphria grata
9322499688 – Wedgling Moth – Galgula partita
Galgula partita
Galgula partita
9319959696 – Dusky Groundling Moth – Condica vecors
Condica vecors
9319989699 – Cobbler Moth – Condica sutor
Condica sutor
9317249725 – Obtuse Yellow Moth – Azenia obtusa
Azenia obtusa
9316509741.1Plagiomimicus heitzmani
Plagiomimicus heitzmani
9316519748 – Frothy Moth – Plagiomimicus spumosum
Plagiomimicus spumosum
9316619754 – Black-barred Brown Moth – Plagiomimicus pityochromus
Plagiomimicus pityochromus
9316689757Lineostriastiria olivalis
Lineostriastiria olivalis
9316769781 – Gold Moth – Basilodes pepita
Basilodes pepita
Basilodes pepita
Basilodes pepita
9316889785 – Yellow Sunflower Moth – Stiria rugifrons
Stiria rugifrons
9316909786Stiria dyari
Stiria dyari
9315789794Nocloa rivulosa
Nocloa rivulosa
Nocloa rivulosa
Nocloa rivulosa
93156510009Feralia februalis
Feralia februalis
93155010014 – Roland's Sallow Moth – Psaphida rolandi
Psaphida rolandi
Psaphida rolandi
93154810019 – Figure-Eight Sallow Moth – Psaphida resumens
Psaphida resumens
93155710021 – Grote's Sallow Moth – Copivaleria grotei
Copivaleria grotei
93182310066.1Sympistis dinalda
Sympistis dinalda
Sympistis dinalda
Sympistis dinalda
93195110132Sympistis ragani
Sympistis ragani
93151910191Cucullia laetifica
Cucullia laetifica
Cucullia laetifica
Cucullia laetifica


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