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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


9314859272 – Smeared Dagger – Acronicta oblinita
Acronicta oblinita
9321999291Cryphia nana
Cryphia nana
Cryphia nana
Cryphia nana
9322479296Bryolymnia viridata
Bryolymnia viridata
9319799314 – Eight-spotted Forester Moth – Alypia octomaculata
Alypia octomaculata
9323019329.1Apamea quinteri
Apamea quinteri
9323229373 – Yellow Three-Spot Moth – Apamea helva
Apamea helva
9323689391 – Dock Rustic Moth – Resapamea passer
Resapamea passer
9323749398Eremobina leucoscelis
Eremobina leucoscelis
932749.19403Viridiseptis marina
Viridiseptis marina
9323789404 – Black-banded Brocade Moth – Oligia modica
Oligia modica
9323709406 – Broken-lined Brocade Moth – Mesapamea fractilinea
Mesapamea fractilinea
9323979413Neoligia tonsa
Neoligia tonsa
9324129426Meropleon titan
Meropleon titan
Meropleon titan
9324139427 – Multicolored Sedgeminer – Meropleon diversicolor
Meropleon diversicolor
Meropleon diversicolor
9324149428Meropleon ambifusca
Meropleon ambifusca
9324949485 – Indigo Stem Borer – Papaipema baptisiae
Papaipema baptisiae
Papaipema baptisiae
9324689495 – Ash Tip Borer – Papaipema furcata
Papaipema furcata
9325019496 – Stalk Borer – Papaipema nebris
Papaipema nebris
9325049507 – Vernonia Borer – Papaipema limpida
Papaipema limpida
Papaipema limpida
9326289529Aseptis perfumosa
Aseptis perfumosa


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