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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Epiblemidae through Lymantriiidae
9301828065Cisthene dorsimacula
Cisthene dorsimacula
9301838066 – Thin-banded Lichen Moth – Cisthene tenuifascia
Cisthene tenuifascia
9301848067 – Lead-colored Lichen Moth – Cisthene plumbea
Cisthene plumbea
9301868069Cisthene perrosea
Cisthene perrosea
9301898072 – Packard's Lichen Moth – Cisthene packardii
Cisthene packardii
9301928075Cisthene picta
Cisthene picta
9302158098 – Little White Lichen Moth – Clemensia albata
Clemensia albata
9303968099 – Mouse-colored Lichen Moth – Pagara simplex
Pagara simplex
Pagara simplex
9302998121 – Orange Holomelina Moth – Virbia aurantiaca
Virbia aurantiaca
9303098134 – Agreeable Tiger Moth – Spilosoma congrua
Spilosoma congrua
9303988141 – Red-tailed Specter Moth – Euerythra phasma
Euerythra phasma
9302788169 – Harnessed Tiger Moth – Apantesis phalerata
Apantesis phalerata
Apantesis phalerata
9302808171 – Nais Tiger Moth – Apantesis nais
Apantesis nais
Apantesis nais
9302578186.2Apantesis ursina
Apantesis ursina
Apantesis ursina
Apantesis ursina
9302428194 – Phyllira Tiger Moth – Apantesis phyllira
Apantesis phyllira
Apantesis phyllira
9302408199 – Arge Moth – Apantesis arge
Apantesis arge
9303608203 – Banded Tussock Moth – Halysidota tessellaris
Halysidota tessellaris
9303618204 – Sycamore Tussock Moth – Halysidota harrisii
Halysidota harrisii
9304028229Cycnia collaris
Cycnia collaris
9304058231 – Oregon Cycnia Moth – Cycnia oregonensis
Cycnia oregonensis
Cycnia oregonensis


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