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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


9105007094 – Drab Brown Wave – Lobocleta ossularia
Lobocleta ossularia
9105067100Lobocleta peralbata
Lobocleta peralbata
9105087102Idaea bonifata
Idaea bonifata
Idaea bonifata
9105117105 – Diminutive Wave – Idaea scintillularia
Idaea scintillularia
9105417133 – Asthene Wave – Pleuroprucha asthenaria
Pleuroprucha asthenaria
9105447136 – Packard's Wave – Cyclophora packardi
Cyclophora packardi
9105487140Cyclophora nanaria
Cyclophora nanaria
9105557147 – Cross-lined Wave – Timandra amaturaria
Timandra amaturaria
Timandra amaturaria
9105907180Leptostales ferruminaria
Leptostales ferruminaria
Leptostales ferruminaria
9100317196 – Lesser Grapevine Looper Moth – Eulithis diversilineata
Eulithis diversilineata
9100327197 – Greater Grapevine Looper Moth – Eulithis gracilineata
Eulithis gracilineata
9100777239 – Sharp Green Hydriomena Moth – Hydriomena pluviata
Hydriomena pluviata
910116.977278.97 – Unidentified Hydriomena Moths – Hydriomena sp.
Hydriomena sp.
9101577314Hammaptera parinotata
Hammaptera parinotata
9101787335Stamnodes albiapicata
Stamnodes albiapicata
Stamnodes albiapicata
9101797336Stamnodes reckseckeri
Stamnodes reckseckeri
Stamnodes reckseckeri
9102587414 – Gem Moth – Orthonama obstipata
Orthonama obstipata
Orthonama obstipata
9102917444Eubaphe unicolor
Eubaphe unicolor
Eubaphe unicolor
9102967449 – Small Pine Looper Moth – Eupithecia palpata
Eupithecia palpata
9102997453 – Peck's Pug Moth – Eupithecia peckorum
Eupithecia peckorum


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