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Nolie Schneider's Moths of Ottawa, Ontario

All photographs Nolie Schneider


Pyraloidea through Drepanidae
8009875226 – Splendid Palpita – Palpita magniferalis
Palpita magniferalis
Palpita magniferalis
Palpita magniferalis
8009885227Palpita aenescentalis
Palpita aenescentalis

8009365241 – Basswood Leafroller – Pantographa limata
Pantographa limata
8009295250 – Bog Lygropia – Lygropia rivulalis
Lygropia rivulalis
8009155253 – White-spotted Orange – Diastictis argyralis
Diastictis argyralis
Diastictis argyralis
8009175255 – White-spotted Brown – Diastictis ventralis
Diastictis ventralis
8010235275 – Bold-feathered Grass Moth – Herpetogramma pertextalis
Herpetogramma pertextalis

8010275277 – Zigzag Herpetogramma – Herpetogramma thestealis
Herpetogramma thestealis


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