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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Crambidae through Drepanidae
801379.15251 – Eight-barred Lygropia Moth – Conchylodes octonalis
Conchylodes octonalis
8011675256 – Fractured Western Snout Moth – Diastictis fracturalis
Diastictis fracturalis
Diastictis fracturalis
8013735268 – Obscure Psara Moth – Psara obscuralis
Psara obscuralis
Psara obscuralis
8011935272 – Southern Beet Webworm – Herpetogramma bipunctalis
Herpetogramma bipunctalis
8011965274 – Dusky Herpetogramma Moth – Herpetogramma phaeopteralis
Herpetogramma phaeopteralis
8011975275 – Bold-feathered Grass Moth – Herpetogramma pertextalis
Herpetogramma pertextalis
8012075281 – Scraped Pilocrocis Moth – Pilocrocis ramentalis
Pilocrocis ramentalis
8013815289Marasmia cochrusalis
Marasmia cochrusalis
8007115316.1Donacaula dispersellus
Donacaula dispersellus
Donacaula dispersellus
Donacaula dispersellus
800719.975324.97 – Unidentified Donacaula Moths – Donacaula sp.
Donacaula sp.
8009435355 – Common Grass-veneer – Crambus praefectellus
Crambus praefectellus
8009505362 – Double-banded Grass-veneer – Crambus agitatellus
Crambus agitatellus
8009585370Crambus sperryellus
Crambus sperryellus
8008875379 – Mottled Grass-veneer – Neodactria luteolellus
Neodactria luteolellus
8008885380Neodactria zeellus
Neodactria zeellus
8008905382Neodactria murellus
Neodactria murellus
8009225403 – Vagabond Crambus Moth – Agriphila vulgivagellus
Agriphila vulgivagellus
8009685405Crambus angulatus
Crambus angulatus
Crambus angulatus
8009005413 – Sod Webworm – Pediasia trisecta
Pediasia trisecta
8008755420 – Elegant Grass-veneer – Microcrambus elegans
Microcrambus elegans


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