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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

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Crambidae through Drepanidae
8015105031Pyrausta atropurpuralis
Pyrausta atropurpuralis
Pyrausta atropurpuralis
8015135034 – Raspberry Pyrausta – Pyrausta signatalis
Pyrausta signatalis
8015195040 – Bicolored Pyrausta – Pyrausta bicoloralis
Pyrausta bicoloralis
Pyrausta bicoloralis
8015215042Pyrausta onythesalis
Pyrausta onythesalis
8015225043Pyrausta pseudonythesalis
Pyrausta pseudonythesalis
Pyrausta pseudonythesalis
8015315051 – Variable Reddish Pyrausta – Pyrausta rubricalis
Pyrausta rubricalis
Pyrausta rubricalis
8015335053Pyrausta pseuderosnealis
Pyrausta pseuderosnealis
Pyrausta pseuderosnealis
8015365056Pyrausta generosa
Pyrausta generosa
Pyrausta generosa
8015405060Pyrausta subsequalis
Pyrausta subsequalis
8015425061Pyrausta tatalis
Pyrausta tatalis
8015505069 – Coffee-loving Pyrausta – Pyrausta tyralis
Pyrausta tyralis
8015515070 – Southern Purple Mint Moth – Pyrausta laticlavia
Pyrausta laticlavia
8012335082Udea octosignalis
Udea octosignalis
8012255104Lamprosema victoriae
Lamprosema victoriae
Lamprosema victoriae
8012195108Lineodes interrupta
Lineodes interrupta
Lineodes interrupta
8012825116Loxostegopsis xanthocrypta
Loxostegopsis xanthocrypta
8012125132Choristostigma elegantalis
Choristostigma elegantalis
8013585137Mecyna mustelinalis
Mecyna mustelinalis
8013505143 – Darker Diacme – Diacme adipaloides
Diacme adipaloides
8013535146 – Forsyth's Epipagis – Epipagis forsythae
Epipagis forsythae
8013665150 – Stained-glass Moth – Samea castellalis
Samea castellalis
8012885156.5 – Exotic Greenhouse Invasive – Duponchelia fovealis
Duponchelia fovealis
8014015157 – Eggplant Webworm – Rhectocraspeda periusalis
Rhectocraspeda periusalis
8012635160Desmia maculalis
Desmia maculalis
Desmia maculalis
8012645161Desmia subdivisalis
Desmia subdivisalis
Desmia subdivisalis
8012805170 – Hawaiian Beet Webworm – Spoladea recurvalis
Spoladea recurvalis
8012725172Diasemiodes janassialis
Diasemiodes janassialis
8012735173Diasemiodes nigralis
Diasemiodes nigralis
8012545176 – Yellow-spotted Webworm – Anageshna primordialis
Anageshna primordialis
8012555177 – Checkered Apogeshna – Apogeshna stenialis
Apogeshna stenialis
8012025187Hileithia magualis
Hileithia magualis
Hileithia magualis
8013065199.1Glyphodes onychinalis
Glyphodes onychinalis
8012935215 – The Alamo – Condylorrhiza vestigialis
Condylorrhiza vestigialis
Condylorrhiza vestigialis
8013165218 – Four-spotted Palpita – Palpita quadristigmalis
Palpita quadristigmalis
8013245225 – Freeman's Palpita – Palpita freemanalis
Palpita freemanalis
8013255226 – Splendid Palpita – Palpita magniferalis
Palpita magniferalis
8013345228 – Ironweed Root Moth – Polygrammodes flavidalis
Polygrammodes flavidalis
8013305233Compacta capitalis
Compacta capitalis
Compacta capitalis
              Greater Sweetpotato Webworm – Herpetogramma fluctuosalis
Herpetogramma fluctuosalis
8011775250 – Bog Lygropia – Lygropia rivulalis
Lygropia rivulalis


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