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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Tortricidae through Limacodidae
6203293653 – Oak Leafroller – Archips semiferanus
Archips semiferanus
6203333660 – Gray Archips Moth – Archips grisea
Archips grisea
6203663689Clepsis virescana
Clepsis virescana
620367.973689.97 – Unidentified Clepsis Moths – Clepsis sp.
Clepsis sp.
6203903695 – Sparganothis Fruitworm Moth – Sparganothis sulfureana
Sparganothis sulfureana
6204133701 – Beautiful Sparganothis Moth – Sparganothis pulcherrimana
Sparganothis pulcherrimana
6204123704 – Distinct Sparganothis Moth – Sparganothis distincta
Sparganothis distincta
6203843731 – Lentiginos Moth – Sparganothoides lentiginosana
Sparganothoides lentiginosana
Sparganothoides lentiginosana
6204433732 – Black-shaded Platynota Moth – Platynota flavedana
Platynota flavedana
6204503737Platynota nigrocervina
Platynota nigrocervina
6204333740 – Tufted Apple Budmoth – Platynota idaeusalis
Platynota idaeusalis
6204353741Platynota semiustana
Platynota semiustana
6203793747 – The Batman Moth – Coelostathma discopunctana
Coelostathma discopunctana
6200893754Aethes angulatana
Aethes angulatana
6200903754.1Aethes angustana
Aethes angustana
6200913754.2Aethes argentilimitana
Aethes argentilimitana
Aethes argentilimitana
Aethes argentilimitana
6200933755Aethes baloghi
Aethes baloghi
Aethes baloghi
6200983756.1Aethes floccosana
Aethes floccosana
6201103759.1Aethes promptana
Aethes promptana
6201123759.3 – Razowski's Aethes Moth – Aethes razowskii
Aethes razowskii
Aethes razowskii


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