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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Tortricidae through Limacodidae
6212063294Epinotia zandana
Epinotia zandana
Epinotia zandana
6212673333 – Oak Trumpet Skeletonizer – Catastega timidella
Catastega timidella
6212583350Epinotia kasloana
Epinotia kasloana
6206513363Ancylis simuloides
Ancylis simuloides
6206553367 – Oak Leaffolder Moth – Ancylis burgessiana
Ancylis burgessiana
6206563369Ancylis fuscociliana
Ancylis fuscociliana
6206583370Ancylis platanana
Ancylis platanana
6206623374Ancylis comptana of authors,
Ancylis comptana of authors,
6206633375 – Two-toned Ancylis Moth – Ancylis divisana
Ancylis divisana
6206853395 – Indigobush Twig Borer – Hystrichophora taleana
Hystrichophora taleana
6212743400Goditha bumeliana
Goditha bumeliana
6212973419Pammene felicitana
Pammene felicitana
6213013422.1Pammene medioalbana
Pammene medioalbana
6213023423Larisa subsolana
Larisa subsolana
Larisa subsolana
6213043425 – Speckled Sereda Moth – Sereda tautana
Sereda tautana
6213053426 – Oriental Fruit Moth – Grapholita molesta
Grapholita molesta
6213073428 – Cherry Fruitworm Moth – Grapholita packardi
Grapholita packardi
Grapholita packardi
6213083429 – Lesser Appleworm Moth – Grapholita prunivora
Grapholita prunivora
6213243443 – Three-lined Grapholita Moth – Grapholita tristrigana
Grapholita tristrigana
6213493461 – White-marked Cydia Moth – Cydia albimaculana
Cydia albimaculana
6213523464Cydia lacustrina
Cydia lacustrina
6213573471 – Hickory Shuckworm Moth – Cydia caryana
Cydia caryana
6213653479 – Willow Gall Moth – Cydia gallaesaliciana
Cydia gallaesaliciana
6213803492 – Codling Moth – Cydia pomonella
Cydia pomonella
6213853495 – Dotted Ecdytolopha Moth – Gymnandrosoma punctidiscanum
Gymnandrosoma punctidiscanum
6213883498Ecdytolopha mana
Ecdytolopha mana
Ecdytolopha mana
Ecdytolopha mana
6200033503 – Oak Leaftier – Acleris semipurpurana
Acleris semipurpurana
Acleris semipurpurana
6200093509Acleris ptychogrammos
Acleris ptychogrammos
6200163517Acleris subnivana
Acleris subnivana
6200273527Acleris viburnana
Acleris viburnana
6200363536 – Robinson's Acleris Moth – Acleris robinsoniana
Acleris robinsoniana
6200413540 – Black-headed Birch Leaffolder Moth – Acleris placidana
Acleris placidana
620063.973563.97 – Unidentified Acleris Moths – Acleris sp.
Acleris sp.
6202323583Anopina triangulana
Anopina triangulana
Anopina triangulana
6202493594 – Three-lined Leafroller – Pandemis limitata
Pandemis limitata
6202553597 – Red-banded Leafroller – Argyrotaenia velutinana
Argyrotaenia velutinana
Argyrotaenia velutinana
6202963631Choristoneura obsoletana
Choristoneura obsoletana
6203003635 – Oblique-banded Leafroller – Choristoneura rosaceana
Choristoneura rosaceana
6203133647 – Juniper Budworm Moth – Choristoneura houstonana
Choristoneura houstonana
6203233648 – Fruit-tree Leafroller – Archips argyrospila
Archips argyrospila


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