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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

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Tortricidae through Limacodidae
6210093090Pelochrista persolita
Pelochrista persolita
6209843091Pelochrista matutina
Pelochrista matutina
6207463099Eucosma bipunctella
Eucosma bipunctella
6209573109Pelochrista hasseanthi
Pelochrista hasseanthi
6209953112Pelochrista nandana
Pelochrista nandana
6209303116 – Triangle-backed Eucosma Moth – Pelochrista dorsisignatana
Pelochrista dorsisignatana
6210343116.1Pelochrista similiana
Pelochrista similiana
6209263120 – Derelict Eucosma Moth – Pelochrista derelicta
Pelochrista derelicta
6207493125Eucosma rusticana
Eucosma rusticana
6207523127Eucosma sombreana
Eucosma sombreana
Eucosma sombreana
Eucosma sombreana
6209383129Pelochrista fiskeana
Pelochrista fiskeana
6210143132Pelochrista pulveratana
Pelochrista pulveratana
6209143133Pelochrista consobrinana
Pelochrista consobrinana
6209053141Pelochrista canana
Pelochrista canana
6209093142 – Solidaga Pelochrista Moth – Pelochrista cataclystiana
Pelochrista cataclystiana
6210283151Pelochrista scintillana
Pelochrista scintillana
Pelochrista scintillana
6209173162Pelochrista corosana
Pelochrista corosana

6210513168Pelochrista zomonana
Pelochrista zomonana
6210653172 – Ragweed Borer – Epiblema strenuana
Epiblema strenuana
6210663173 – Abrupt Epiblema Moth – Epiblema abruptana
Epiblema abruptana
6210813185Epiblema benignatum
Epiblema benignatum
6210823186 – Goldenrod Gall Moth – Epiblema scudderiana
Epiblema scudderiana
6210853190Epiblema desertana
Epiblema desertana
6210983202 – Bidens Borer – Epiblema otiosana
Epiblema otiosana
6211103212 – Sunflower Bud Moth – Suleima helianthana
Suleima helianthana
6211193220Sonia vovana
Sonia vovana
6211293228Gypsonoma salicicolana
Gypsonoma salicicolana
Gypsonoma salicicolana
6211333230 – Maple Twig Borer – Proteoteras aesculana
Proteoteras aesculana
6211353232 – Eastern Boxelder Twig Borer – Proteoteras willingana
Proteoteras willingana
Proteoteras willingana
6211503246 – Shagbark Hickory Leafroller – Pseudexentera cressoniana
Pseudexentera cressoniana
6211573251 – Bare-patched Leafroller – Pseudexentera spoliana
Pseudexentera spoliana
6211613254Pseudexentera maracana
Pseudexentera maracana
6211603255Pseudexentera kalmiana
Pseudexentera kalmiana
6211713263 – Pecan Bud Moth – Gretchena bolliana
Gretchena bolliana
Gretchena bolliana
6211813273 – Filigreed Moth – Chimoptesis pennsylvaniana
Chimoptesis pennsylvaniana
6211823274Crocidosema plebejana of authors
Crocidosema plebejana of authors
Crocidosema plebejana of authors
6211893277Rhopobota dietziana
Rhopobota dietziana
Rhopobota dietziana
6211903278Rhopobota finitimana
Rhopobota finitimana
6212013291Epinotia celtisana
Epinotia celtisana
Epinotia celtisana


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