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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


Tortricidae through Limacodidae
6206292859 – Celypha Moth – Celypha cespitana
Celypha cespitana
Celypha cespitana
6206372863 – White-spotted Hedya Moth – Hedya chionosema
Hedya chionosema
6207102882 – Nantucket Pine Tip Moth – Rhyacionia frustrana
Rhyacionia frustrana
Rhyacionia frustrana
6208382927 – Pale-headed Phaneta Moth – Eucosma ochrocephala
Eucosma ochrocephala
6208352929 – Buff-tipped Phaneta Moth – Eucosma ochroterminana
Eucosma ochroterminana
6208322937Eucosma parmatana
Eucosma parmatana
6208282969.6Eucosma clementeana
Eucosma clementeana
Eucosma clementeana
6208082971Eucosma spiculana
Eucosma spiculana
6207962973 – Striated Phaneta Moth – Eucosma striatana
Eucosma striatana
6208452976Eucosma pallidarcis
Eucosma pallidarcis
6208602979Eucosma subminimana
Eucosma subminimana
6207992980Eucosma pallidicostana
Eucosma pallidicostana
6207862982Eucosma kiscana
Eucosma kiscana
620868.973007.97 – Unidentified Phaneta Moths – Phaneta sp.
Phaneta sp.
Phaneta sp.
Phaneta sp.
Phaneta sp.
Phaneta sp.
Phaneta sp.
6210193014 – Snakeweed Borer – Pelochrista ridingsana
Pelochrista ridingsana
Pelochrista ridingsana
Pelochrista ridingsana
6209133041Pelochrista comatulana
Pelochrista comatulana
6210453042Pelochrista vagana
Pelochrista vagana
6209463045Pelochrista galenapunctana
Pelochrista galenapunctana
6207413051Eucosma glomerana
Eucosma glomerana
6209223061.1Pelochrista curlewensis
Pelochrista curlewensis


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