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Charles Melton's Miller Canyon Moths

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Tortricidae through Limacodidae
5104642736Endothenia melanosticta
Endothenia melanosticta
5107092881Rhyacionia fumosana
Rhyacionia fumosana
5107262897Retinia edemoidana
Retinia edemoidana
5108082971Eucosma spiculana
Eucosma spiculana
5108412999.1Eucosma knudsoni
Eucosma knudsoni
5108293002Eucosma grindeliana
Eucosma grindeliana

510886.13029Pelochrista bolanderana
Pelochrista bolanderana
Pelochrista bolanderana
Pelochrista bolanderana
510898.13035Pelochrista morrisoni
Pelochrista morrisoni
510899.13036 – Latham's Pelochrista – Pelochrista lathami
Pelochrista lathami
510737.553070Eucopina franclemonti
Eucopina franclemonti
510972.13162Pelochrista corosana
Pelochrista corosana
511121.53212 – Sunflower Bud Moth – Suleima helianthana
Suleima helianthana
511122.13216Suleima baracana
Suleima baracana
Suleima baracana
Suleima baracana
5112713333.4Catastega triangulana
Catastega triangulana
Catastega triangulana
5113273444Ofatulena duodecemstriata
Ofatulena duodecemstriata
5113283445Ofatulena luminosa
Ofatulena luminosa
5113363448.3Cydia timara
Cydia timara
5113693483"Cydia" ninana

5113833494 – Filbertworm – Cydia latiferreana
Cydia latiferreana
511390.23495.3Ecdytolopha nigrita
Ecdytolopha nigrita
Ecdytolopha nigrita
5102303582.1Dorithia trigonana
Dorithia trigonana
5103133647 – Juniper Budworm – Choristoneura houstonana
Choristoneura houstonana
Choristoneura houstonana
5103643688 – Garden Tortrix – Clepsis peritana
Clepsis peritana
5103833729Sparganothoides machimiana
Sparganothoides machimiana
5104403738Platynota labiosana
Platynota labiosana
Platynota labiosana
Platynota labiosana
Platynota labiosana
510099.13791Eugnosta mexicana
Eugnosta mexicana
510121.13794Henricus cognata
Henricus cognata
Henricus cognata
510120.13801.5Eupinivora ponderosae
Eupinivora ponderosae
510206.13831Platphalonidia felix
Platphalonidia felix
Platphalonidia felix
510202.13852Nycthia pimana
Nycthia pimana
510199.13858Mimcochylis fulvotinctana
Mimcochylis fulvotinctana
Mimcochylis fulvotinctana

5700214632Pyromorpha dyari
Pyromorpha dyari
5700134636Neofelderia rata
Neofelderia rata
5700394645Megalopyge lapena
Megalopyge lapena
Megalopyge lapena
5700664670 – Western Skiff Moth – Prolimacodes trigona
Prolimacodes trigona
Prolimacodes trigona
5700794680Isa schaefferana
Isa schaefferana
5700874690Euclea obliqua
Euclea obliqua
5700934698 – Smaller Parasa – Parasa chloris
Parasa chloris


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