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Nolie Schneider's Moths of Ottawa, Ontario

All photographs Nolie Schneider


5900790867Agonopterix pulvipennella
Agonopterix pulvipennella
Agonopterix pulvipennella
5900800868Agonopterix nigrinotella
Agonopterix nigrinotella
5900950882 – Four-dotted Agonopterix – Agonopterix robiniella
Agonopterix robiniella
5901020889Agonopterix argillacea
Agonopterix argillacea
5901250911 – Bog Bibarrambla – Bibarrambla allenella
Bibarrambla allenella
5901260912 – Packard's Concealer Moth – Semioscopis packardella
Semioscopis packardella
5901280914Semioscopis inornata
Semioscopis inornata
5901290915Semioscopis megamicrella
Semioscopis megamicrella
5901300916Semioscopis aurorella
Semioscopis aurorella
5901360922 – Parsnip Webworm – Depressaria radiella
Depressaria radiella
Depressaria radiella


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