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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


0700010003 – Chinquapin Leaf-miner – Dyseriocrania griseocapitella
Dyseriocrania griseocapitella
1600880045Ectoedemia similella
Ectoedemia similella
1600780055Zimmermannia bosquella
Zimmermannia bosquella
160099.850058.97 – Unidentified Ectodoemia Moths – Ectoedemia sp.
Ectoedemia sp.
Ectoedemia sp.
Ectoedemia sp.
1600030111Stigmella resplendensella
Stigmella resplendensella
1601020121Pseudopostega albogaleriella
Pseudopostega albogaleriella
2300190126Coptotriche citrinipennella
Coptotriche citrinipennella
2300240139Coptotriche fuscomarginella
Coptotriche fuscomarginella
2300010144 – Oak Blotch Miner – Tischeria quercitella
Tischeria quercitella
2300400148Coptotriche agrimoniella
Coptotriche agrimoniella
230011.850172.97 – Unidentified Astrotischeria Moths – Astrotischeria sp.
Astrotischeria sp.
2100440200.1 – Bogus Yucca Moth – Prodoxus decipiens
Prodoxus decipiens
3001050261Nemapogon acapnopennella
Nemapogon acapnopennella
3001130267Nemapogon interstitiella
Nemapogon interstitiella
3001150269Nemapogon multistriatella
Nemapogon multistriatella
3000010277Eudarcia eunitariaeella
Eudarcia eunitariaeella
3002130279Diachorisia velatella
Diachorisia velatella
3001240283Oenoe hybromella
Oenoe hybromella
3001250284Homosetia argentinotella
Homosetia argentinotella
Homosetia argentinotella
300136.970295.97 – Unidentified Homosetia Moths – Homosetia sp.
Homosetia sp.
3001840301Homostinea curviliniella
Homostinea curviliniella
3002140322Dyotopasta yumaella
Dyotopasta yumaella
3000480336Amydria obliquella
Amydria obliquella
Amydria obliquella
300049.30337.97 – Unidentified Amydria Moths – Amydria sp.
Amydria sp.
Amydria sp.
3000560343Acrolophus bicornutus
Acrolophus bicornutus
3000740357Acrolophus kearfotti
Acrolophus kearfotti
Acrolophus kearfotti
3000790359Acrolophus laticapitana
Acrolophus laticapitana
Acrolophus laticapitana
3000590366Acrolophus mortipennella
Acrolophus mortipennella
3000580372 – Eastern Grass Tubeworm – Acrolophus plumifrontella
Acrolophus plumifrontella
300103.870386.98 – More Unid. Acrolophus Moths – Acrolophus sp.
Acrolophus sp.
3001410390 – Household Casebearer – Phereoeca uterella
Phereoeca uterella
3001420390.1Phereoeca praecox
Phereoeca praecox
3001440392Tinea apicimaculella
Tinea apicimaculella
Tinea apicimaculella
3001640411 – European House Moth – Niditinea fuscella
Niditinea fuscella
Niditinea fuscella
3001760421Monopis spilotella
Monopis spilotella
300183.850426.2 – Xystrologa n. sp. #1 – Xystrologa n. sp.
Xystrologa n. sp.
Xystrologa n. sp.
Xystrologa n. sp.
3001920430Phaeoses sabinella
Phaeoses sabinella

300198.850434.96 – Undescribed Tineid Moths – Tineidae n. sp.
Tineidae n. sp.
3000120442Cryptothelea gloverii
Cryptothelea gloverii


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