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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


4206501736 – Elegant Aristotelia Moth – Aristotelia elegantella
Aristotelia elegantella
4206521738Aristotelia fungivorella
Aristotelia fungivorella
4206581744Aristotelia lespedezae
Aristotelia lespedezae
4206671756Aristotelia pudibundella
Aristotelia pudibundella
4206701761Aristotelia roseosuffusella
Aristotelia roseosuffusella
4206711762Aristotelia rubidella
Aristotelia rubidella
Aristotelia rubidella
420673.971764.97 – Unidentified Aristotelia Moths – Aristotelia sp.
Aristotelia sp.
Aristotelia sp.
4206981771Agnippe prunifoliella
Agnippe prunifoliella
4207261808Coleotechnites eryngiella
Coleotechnites eryngiella
4207271809 – Coleotechnites Flower Moth – Coleotechnites florae
Coleotechnites florae
4207321814Coleotechnites invictella
Coleotechnites invictella
4207471828Coleotechnites quercivorella
Coleotechnites quercivorella
4207531833Coleotechnites variiella
Coleotechnites variiella
Coleotechnites variiella
420753.971833.97 – Unidentified Coleotechnites Moths – Coleotechnites sp.
Coleotechnites sp.
4207551834.1Sinoe chambersi
Sinoe chambersi
Sinoe chambersi
4207561834.2Sinoe kwakae
Sinoe kwakae
4207641838Exoteleia graphicella
Exoteleia graphicella
4208001841Trypanisma prudens
Trypanisma prudens
4200091842Taygete attributella
Taygete attributella
4207651851 – Stripe-backed Moth – Arogalea cristifasciella
Arogalea cristifasciella


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