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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


421856.971458.97 – Undescribed Mompha – Mompha nr. metallifera
Mompha nr. metallifera
421857.941458.99 – Unidentified Momphids – Momphidae sp.
Momphidae sp.
4215071465Haplochrois bipunctella
Haplochrois bipunctella
4204481467 – Kermes Scale Moth – Euclemensia bassettella
Euclemensia bassettella
              Beautiful Cosmopterix – Cosmopterix pulchrimella
Cosmopterix pulchrimella
Cosmopterix pulchrimella
4203871503Melanocinclis lineigera
Melanocinclis lineigera
4203931509 – Wyatt's Stagmatophora – Eteobalea wyattella
Eteobalea wyattella
4203981512 – Pink Scavenger Caterpillar – Anatrachyntis rileyi
Anatrachyntis rileyi
Anatrachyntis rileyi
4204011515 – Shy Cosmet Moth – Limnaecia phragmitella
Limnaecia phragmitella
4204101524Triclonella pergandeella
Triclonella pergandeella
4204131527Triclonella determinatella
Triclonella determinatella
              Sweetclover Root Borer – Walshia miscecolorella
Walshia miscecolorella
Walshia miscecolorella
4203291623Perimede erransella
Perimede erransella
4217561647Calosima albapenella
Calosima albapenella
4217131678 – Banded Scythris – Scythris trivinctella
Scythris trivinctella
4206081694Isophrictis magnella
Isophrictis magnella
4206161702Isophrictis similiella
Isophrictis similiella
4206201706Monochroa absconditella
Monochroa absconditella
420631.971716.97 – Unidentified Monochroas – Monochroa sp.
Monochroa sp.
Monochroa sp.
4206351722Theisoa constrictella
Theisoa constrictella


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