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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

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4215161261Coleophora querciella
Coleophora querciella
4215261271 – Cherry Casebearer – Coleophora pruniella
Coleophora pruniella
4215451289Coleophora accordella
Coleophora accordella
4215481291 – Pecan Cigar Casebearer – Coleophora laticornella
Coleophora laticornella
4215631305Coleophora glaucella
Coleophora glaucella
4216071349Coleophora lineapulvella
Coleophora lineapulvella
Coleophora lineapulvella
4216131355Coleophora nigrostriata
Coleophora nigrostriata
4216151357Coleophora argentialbella
Coleophora argentialbella
4216161358Coleophora quadrilineella
Coleophora quadrilineella
4216221365 – Streaked Coleophora – Coleophora cratipennella
Coleophora cratipennella
4216371378Coleophora glaucicolella
Coleophora glaucicolella
4216391380Coleophora fagicorticella
Coleophora fagicorticella
4216581398.8 – Russian Thistle Stem Miner – Coleophora parthenica
Coleophora parthenica
4216771413 – Large Batrachedra – Batrachedra enormis
Batrachedra enormis
4218231434 – Circumscript Mompha – Mompha circumscriptella
Mompha circumscriptella
Mompha circumscriptella
4218331443 – Red-streaked Mompha – Mompha eloisella
Mompha eloisella
4218411448Mompha murtfeldtella
Mompha murtfeldtella
Mompha murtfeldtella
4218491453Mompha rufocristatella
Mompha rufocristatella
Mompha rufocristatella
4218511454.2Mompha solomoni
Mompha solomoni
421856.961458.96 – Undescribed Crocanthemum leafminer – Mompha n. sp.
Mompha n. sp.


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