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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


4213951081Elachista epimicta
Elachista epimicta
4214801127Elachista albidella
Elachista albidella
4214671129Elachista illectella
Elachista illectella
421466.971132.97 – Unidentified Elachistas – Elachista sp.
Elachista sp.
Elachista sp.
Elachista sp.
4200061133Symmoca signatella
Symmoca signatella
4200071134.1Spinitibia hodgesi
Spinitibia hodgesi
Spinitibia hodgesi
4200201136.1 – Juniper Tip Moth – Glyphidocera juniperella
Glyphidocera juniperella
Glyphidocera juniperella
4200231141Glyphidocera meyrickella
Glyphidocera meyrickella
4200241142Glyphidocera septentrionella
Glyphidocera septentrionella
4200081144Gerdana caritella
Gerdana caritella

421798.971156.97 – Unidentified Hypatopas – Hypatopa sp.
Hypatopa sp.
4217651160Blastobasis floridella
Blastobasis floridella
4217661162 – Acorn Moth – Blastobasis glandulella
Blastobasis glandulella
Blastobasis glandulella
4217751162.3Blastobasis taurusella
Blastobasis taurusella
4217601169.1Calosima lucidella
Calosima lucidella
4217921208Hypatopa punctiferella
Hypatopa punctiferella
4218021227Pigritia fidella
Pigritia fidella
Pigritia fidella
421805.971238.97 – Unidentified Pigritias – Pigritia sp.
Pigritia sp.
Pigritia sp.
4215111256Coleophora tiliaefoliella
Coleophora tiliaefoliella
Coleophora tiliaefoliella


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