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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


4202600956 – Black-fringed Leaftier – Psilocorsis cryptolechiella
Psilocorsis cryptolechiella
4202610957 – Dotted Leaftier – Psilocorsis reflexella
Psilocorsis reflexella
4201860979Ethmia arctostaphylella
Ethmia arctostaphylella
4201870980 – Mountain-mahogany Moth – Ethmia discostrigella
Ethmia discostrigella
4201890982Ethmia macelhosiella
Ethmia macelhosiella
4201990992 – Zeller's Ethmia – Ethmia zelleriella
Ethmia zelleriella
Ethmia zelleriella
4202000993 – Ladder-backed Ethmia – Ethmia delliella
Ethmia delliella
4202141002Ethmia mirusella
Ethmia mirusella
Ethmia mirusella
4202241011 – Schlaeger's Fruitworm – Antaeotricha schlaegeri
Antaeotricha schlaegeri
Antaeotricha schlaegeri
4202271014 – Pale Gray Bird-dropping Moth – Antaeotricha leucillana
Antaeotricha leucillana
4202321019 – Dotted Anteotricha Moth – Antaeotricha humilis
Antaeotricha humilis
4202451026 – Yellow-vested Moth – Rectiostoma xanthobasis
Rectiostoma xanthobasis
4200301035 – Chalky Inga – Inga cretacea
Inga cretacea
4200321037Inga obscuromaculella
Inga obscuromaculella
Inga obscuromaculella
Inga obscuromaculella
4200371042 – Reticulated Decantha – Decantha boreasella
Decantha boreasella
4200411046 – Orange-headed Epicallima – Callima argenticinctella
Callima argenticinctella
420063.51069.5Tachystola hemisema
Tachystola hemisema
Tachystola hemisema
420063.981069.98 – Unid. Oecophorine Moths – Oecophorinae sp.
Oecophorinae sp.
4200641074Pleurota albastrigulella
Pleurota albastrigulella
Pleurota albastrigulella
4213531077Perittia cygnodiella
Perittia cygnodiella


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