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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

All photographs Mark Dreiling


4205042270Helcystogramma melantherella
Helcystogramma melantherella
4205002272 – Soybean Webworm – Mesophleps adustipennis
Mesophleps adustipennis
4205342277Dichomeris georgiella
Dichomeris georgiella
4205772278Dichomeris glenni
Dichomeris glenni
4205102281 – Palmerworm Moth – Dichomeris ligulella
Dichomeris ligulella
4205122284Dichomeris acuminatus
Dichomeris acuminatus
Dichomeris acuminatus
4205332287Dichomeris ventrellus
Dichomeris ventrellus
4205202288 – Many-spotted Dichomeris Moth – Dichomeris punctipennella
Dichomeris punctipennella
4205782293Dichomeris costarufoella
Dichomeris costarufoella
4205622301 – Dichomeris Species Group – Dichomeris serrativittella
Dichomeris serrativittella
4205642301.2Dichomeris isa
Dichomeris isa
4205372302Dichomeris setosella
Dichomeris setosella
4205382302.1Dichomeris vindex
Dichomeris vindex
4205682303Dichomeris simpliciella
Dichomeris simpliciella
4205792305Dichomeris agonia
Dichomeris agonia
4205312310 – Dichomeris Species Group – Dichomeris inversella
Dichomeris inversella
4205322310.1Dichomeris kimballi
Dichomeris kimballi
Dichomeris kimballi

4400012313 – Six-plume Moth – Alucita montana
Alucita montana
4800062314Carposina ottawana
Carposina ottawana


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