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Mark Dreiling's Moths from Oklahoma

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420937.972125.97 – Unidentified Chionodess – Chionodes sp.
Chionodes sp.
Chionodes sp.
4210932143Filatima epulatrix
Filatima epulatrix
4211212169 – Dusky-backed Filatima – Filatima pseudacaciella
Filatima pseudacaciella
4211432189Aroga epigaeella
Aroga epigaeella
4211462192Aroga morenella
Aroga morenella
4211472193Aroga paraplutella
Aroga paraplutella
4211512198 – Red-Striped Fireworm – Aroga trialbamaculella
Aroga trialbamaculella
4211562203Fascista bimaculella
Fascista bimaculella
Fascista bimaculella
4211572204 – Redbud Leaffolder – Fascista cercerisella
Fascista cercerisella
Fascista cercerisella
4211582205Fascista quinella
Fascista quinella
4211622207.5Metopleura potosi
Metopleura potosi
Metopleura potosi
Metopleura potosi
4211682209 – Red-necked Peanutworm – Stegasta bosqueella
Stegasta bosqueella
4205942211 – Yellow Striped Polyhymno – Polyhymno luteostrigella
Polyhymno luteostrigella
4204632222Aproaerema palpilineella
Aproaerema palpilineella
4204642223Untomia albistrigella
Untomia albistrigella
4204682227Battaristis nigratomella
Battaristis nigratomella
4204782236Anacampsis fullonella
Anacampsis fullonella
Anacampsis fullonella
420495.962251.96 – Anacampsis New Species – Anacampsis spp.
Anacampsis spp.
Anacampsis spp.
4204962253 – Iridescent Strobisia – Strobisia iridipennella
Strobisia iridipennella
4204972254Strobisia proserpinella
Strobisia proserpinella


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