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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Robin McLeod – Ailsa Craig, Ontario
Papaipema insulidens
9488Papaipema insulidens
Papaipema furcata
9495Papaipema furcata
Papaipema eupatorii
9501Papaipema eupatorii
Papaipema nelita
9502Papaipema nelita
Papaipema rigida
9503Papaipema rigida
Hydraecia micacea
9514Hydraecia micacea
Achatodes zeae
9520Achatodes zeae
Iodopepla u-album
9522Iodopepla u-album
Iodopepla u-album
9522Iodopepla u-album
Conservula anodonta
9548Conservula anodonta
Conservula anodonta
9548Conservula anodonta
Enargia decolor
9549Enargia decolor
Hyppa xylinoides
9578Hyppa xylinoides
Magusa divaricata
9637.1Magusa divaricata
Proxenus miranda
9647Proxenus miranda
Proxenus miranda
9647Proxenus miranda
Caradrina morpheus
9653Caradrina morpheus
Balsa labecula
9664Balsa labecula
Spodoptera frugiperda
9666Spodoptera frugiperda
Spodoptera albula
9673Spodoptera albula
Bryolymnia semifascia
9686Bryolymnia semifascia
Condica discistriga
9692Condica discistriga
Condica sutor
9699Condica sutor
Ogdoconta cinereola
9720Ogdoconta cinereola
Ogdoconta moreno
9721Ogdoconta moreno
Plagiomimicus pityochromus
9754Plagiomimicus pityochromus
Lithophane disposita
9892Lithophane disposita
Lithophane antennata
9910Lithophane antennata
Eupsilia morrisoni
9936Eupsilia morrisoni
Eupsilia devia
9939Eupsilia devia
Sericaglaea signata
9941Sericaglaea signata
Epiglaea decliva
9946Epiglaea decliva
Sunira bicolorago
9957Sunira bicolorago
Xylotype arcadia
9980Xylotype arcadia
Brachylomia discinigra
9999Brachylomia discinigra
Psaphida electilis
10012Psaphida electilis
Copivaleria grotei
10021Copivaleria grotei
Sympistis badistriga
10059Sympistis badistriga
Sympistis saundersiana
10099Sympistis saundersiana
Cucullia convexipennis
10202Cucullia convexipennis
Cucullia antipoda
10206Cucullia antipoda
Opsigalea blanchardi
10216Opsigalea blanchardi
Trichocosmia inornata
10219Trichocosmia inornata
Anarta mutata
10224Anarta mutata
Sideridis maryx
10268Sideridis maryx
Polia nimbosa
10275Polia nimbosa
Melanchra picta
10293Melanchra picta
Melanchra assimilis
10295Melanchra assimilis
Lacanobia nevadae
10296Lacanobia nevadae
Lacanobia atlantica
10297Lacanobia atlantica
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