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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Pam Piombino – Boulder Co., Colorado
Gazoryctra pulcher
0026Gazoryctra pulcher
Holcocera gigantella
1185Holcocera gigantella
Chionodes braunella
2065Chionodes braunella
Dichomeris gleba
2294.1Dichomeris gleba
Endothenia melanosticta
2736Endothenia melanosticta
Rhyacionia bushnelli
2883Rhyacionia bushnelli
Pelochrista dapsilis
3028Pelochrista dapsilis
Epiblema rudei
3191Epiblema rudei
Epiblema rudei
3191Epiblema rudei
Acleris foliana
3560Acleris foliana
Pandemis canadana
3595Pandemis canadana
Argyrotaenia burroughsi
3617Argyrotaenia burroughsi
Sparganothoides hydeana
3730Sparganothoides hydeana
Glaucodontia pyraustoides
4845Glaucodontia pyraustoides
Glaucodontia pyraustoides
4845Glaucodontia pyraustoides
Evergestis obliqualis
4912Evergestis obliqualis
Gabriola minima
6783Gabriola minima
Horisme rectilineata
7447Horisme rectilineata
Dasylophia saturata
7957.2Dasylophia saturata
Idia immaculalis
8337Idia immaculalis
Ponometia sutrix
9119Ponometia sutrix
Pseudanarta flavidens
9601Pseudanarta flavidens
Sympistis chandleri
10140Sympistis chandleri
Agrotis daedalus
10642Agrotis daedalus
Euxoa comosa
10780Euxoa comosa
Anicla espoetia
10910.1Anicla espoetia
Schinia snowi
11206Schinia snowi
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