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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Matthew Priebe – Galt, California
Chytolita morbidalis
8355Chytolita morbidalis
Hypena bijugalis
8443Hypena bijugalis
Hypena edictalis
8452Hypena edictalis
Hypena scabra
8465Hypena scabra
Phyprosopus callitrichoides
8525Phyprosopus callitrichoides
Panopoda rufimargo
8587Panopoda rufimargo
Panopoda carneicosta
8588Panopoda carneicosta
Drasteria grandirena
8641Drasteria grandirena
Parallelia bistriaris
8727Parallelia bistriaris
Catocala consors
8772Catocala consors
Ponometia elegantula
9109Ponometia elegantula
Alypia wittfeldii
9316Alypia wittfeldii
Enargia fausta
9550.2Enargia fausta
Azenia perflava
9727Azenia perflava
Sympistis sanina
10094Sympistis sanina
Admetovis similaris
10270Admetovis similaris
Morrisonia latex
10291Morrisonia latex
Morrisonia latex
10291Morrisonia latex
Dargida procinctus
10428Dargida procinctus
Dargida diffusa
10431Dargida diffusa
Noctua pronuba
11003.1Noctua pronuba
Noctua pronuba
11003.1Noctua pronuba
Schinia walsinghami
11184Schinia walsinghami
Schinia walsinghami
11184Schinia walsinghami
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