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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Lyn Atherton – Tierra Verde, Florida
Ceratophaga vicinella
0414Ceratophaga vicinella
Antaeotricha humilis
1019Antaeotricha humilis
Stathmopoda elyella
1070Stathmopoda elyella
Stathmopoda elyella
1070Stathmopoda elyella
Pelochrista robinsonana
3009Pelochrista robinsonana
Parapoynx allionealis
4764Parapoynx allionealis
Dichogama redtenbacheri
4790Dichogama redtenbacheri
Glyphodes floridalis
5199Glyphodes floridalis
Diastictis argyralis
5253Diastictis argyralis
Argyria nummulalis
5460Argyria nummulalis
Acrobasis ostryella
5680Acrobasis ostryella
Buckleria parvulus
6098Buckleria parvulus
Phrygionis auriferaria
6670Phrygionis auriferaria
Lychnosea intermicata
6858Lychnosea intermicata
Lobocleta peralbata
7100Lobocleta peralbata
Eubaphe meridiana
7441Eubaphe meridiana
Hyparpax perophoroides
8026Hyparpax perophoroides
Cisthene striata
8068Cisthene striata
Seirarctia echo
8130Seirarctia echo
Lymire edwardsii
8270Lymire edwardsii
Lymire edwardsii
8270Lymire edwardsii
Lymire edwardsii
8270Lymire edwardsii
Lymire edwardsii
8270Lymire edwardsii
Didasys belae
8281Didasys belae
Hemeroplanis scopulepes
8467Hemeroplanis scopulepes
Phytometra rhodarialis
8481Phytometra rhodarialis
Drasteria graphica
8618Drasteria graphica
Catocala lineella
8878.1Catocala lineella
Cydosia nobilitella
9000Cydosia nobilitella
Alypia wittfeldii
9316Alypia wittfeldii
Leucania incognita
10450Leucania incognita
Xanthopastis regnatrix
10640Xanthopastis regnatrix
Schinia gaurae
11168Schinia gaurae
Schinia sanguinea
11173Schinia sanguinea
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