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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Lewis Scharpf – Auburn, Alabama
Psilocorsis reflexella
0957Psilocorsis reflexella
Synanthedon rileyana
2552Synanthedon rileyana
Eucosma raracana
2928Eucosma raracana
Acleris semiannula
3521Acleris semiannula
Choristoneura rosaceana
3635Choristoneura rosaceana
Norape cretata
4650Norape cretata
Apoda y-inversa
4667Apoda y-inversa
Acharia stimulea
4700Acharia stimulea
Chalcoela pegasalis
4896Chalcoela pegasalis
Crocidophora serratissimalis
4944Crocidophora serratissimalis
Uresiphita reversalis
4992Uresiphita reversalis
Epipagis fenestralis
5147Epipagis fenestralis
Desmia funeralis
5159Desmia funeralis
Blepharomastix ranalis
5182Blepharomastix ranalis
Palpita illibalis
5223Palpita illibalis
Lygropia tripunctata
5248Lygropia tripunctata
Pilocrocis ramentalis
5281Pilocrocis ramentalis
Arta olivalis
5568Arta olivalis

Macaria truncataria
6321Macaria truncataria
Macaria aemulataria
6326Macaria aemulataria
Macaria bisignata
6342Macaria bisignata
Glena plumosaria
6452Glena plumosaria
Ectropis crepuscularia
6597Ectropis crepuscularia
Erastria cruentaria
6705Erastria cruentaria
Ilexia intractata
6711Ilexia intractata
Eusarca fundaria
6933Eusarca fundaria
Chloropteryx tepperaria
7075Chloropteryx tepperaria
Idaea scintillularia
7105Idaea scintillularia
Idaea demissaria
7114Idaea demissaria
Scopula limboundata
7159Scopula limboundata
Leptostales pannaria
7173Leptostales pannaria
Lobophora nivigerata
7640Lobophora nivigerata
Malacosoma americana
7701Malacosoma americana
Eacles imperialis
7704Eacles imperialis
Eacles imperialis
7704Eacles imperialis
Anisota stigma
7716Anisota stigma
Anisota virginiensis
7723Anisota virginiensis
Symmerista leucitys
7953Symmerista leucitys
Lochmaeus manteo
7998Lochmaeus manteo
Hyparpax aurora
8022Hyparpax aurora
Cisthene packardii
8072Cisthene packardii
Pyrrharctia isabella
8129Pyrrharctia isabella
Spilosoma virginica
8137Spilosoma virginica
Idia aemula
8323Idia aemula
Idia rotundalis
8326Idia rotundalis
Tetanolita floridana
8368Tetanolita floridana
Sigela brauneata
8432Sigela brauneata
Hypena manalis
8441Hypena manalis
Hypena baltimoralis
8442Hypena baltimoralis
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