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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Lee Hoy – Sanderson, Texas
Ypsolopha leptaula
2384Ypsolopha leptaula
Eugnosta n. sp.
3791.01Eugnosta n. sp.
Heliothelopsis costipunctalis
4842Heliothelopsis costipunctalis
Pseudopyrausta marginalis
4939.1Pseudopyrausta marginalis
Oenobotys texanalis
4941Oenobotys texanalis
Sosipatra rileyella
6015Sosipatra rileyella
Macaria schatzeata
6310Macaria schatzeata
Psamatodes atrimacularia
6328.1Psamatodes atrimacularia
Digrammia pallidata
6410Digrammia pallidata
Chesiadodes bicolor
6534Chesiadodes bicolor
Animomyia minuta
6794Animomyia minuta
Philtraea paucimacula
6850Philtraea paucimacula
Lycomorpha splendens
8086Lycomorpha splendens
Euchaetes helena
8235Euchaetes helena
Ponometia dorneri
9091Ponometia dorneri
Ponometia libedis
9096Ponometia libedis
Ponometia phecolisca
9098Ponometia phecolisca
Tarache tetragona
9143Tarache tetragona
Anycteola fotelloides
9840Anycteola fotelloides
Leucocnemis perfundis
10049Leucocnemis perfundis
Sympistis modesta
10090Sympistis modesta
Sympistis poliafascies
10152Sympistis poliafascies
Dichagyris arabella
10873.1Dichagyris arabella
Schinia oleagina
11148Schinia oleagina
Schinia oleagina
11148Schinia oleagina
Grotella blanchardi
11229Grotella blanchardi
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