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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by Jim Moore – Westwood, California
Drepanulatrix secundaria
6690Drepanulatrix secundaria
Apodrepanulatrix litaria
6694Apodrepanulatrix litaria
Euchlaena johnsonaria
6729Euchlaena johnsonaria
Pero mizon
6757Pero mizon
Pero behrensaria
6760Pero behrensaria
Pero occidentalis
6761Pero occidentalis
Phaeoura mexicanaria
6766Phaeoura mexicanaria
Aethaloida packardaria
6774Aethaloida packardaria
Spodolepis substriataria
6799Spodolepis substriataria
Caripeta suffusata
6865.1Caripeta suffusata
Caripeta suffusata
6865.1Caripeta suffusata
Tetracis jubararia
6954Tetracis jubararia
Metanema brunneilinearia
6962Metanema brunneilinearia
Metanema brunneilinearia
6962Metanema brunneilinearia
Metanema brunneilinearia
6962Metanema brunneilinearia
Sabulodes edwardsata
7004Sabulodes edwardsata
Sabulodes griseata
7006Sabulodes griseata
Sabulodes packardata
7007Sabulodes packardata
Chlorosea banksaria
7013Chlorosea banksaria
Nemoria darwiniata
7035Nemoria darwiniata
Mesothea incertata
7085Mesothea incertata
Scopula junctaria
7164Scopula junctaria
Scopula quinquelinearia
7164.1Scopula quinquelinearia
Leptostales rubromarginaria
7179Leptostales rubromarginaria
Dysstroma colvillei
7192Dysstroma colvillei
Dysstroma colvillei
7192Dysstroma colvillei
Eulithis propulsata
7199Eulithis propulsata
Hydriomena perfracta
7229Hydriomena perfracta
Hydriomena nevadae
7245Hydriomena nevadae
Hydriomena nevadae
7245Hydriomena nevadae
Triphosa haesitata
7285Triphosa haesitata
Triphosa haesitata
7285Triphosa haesitata
Archirhoe associata
7297Archirhoe associata
Spargania magnoliata
7312Spargania magnoliata
Stamnodes marmorata
7363Stamnodes marmorata
Xanthorhoe defensaria
7386Xanthorhoe defensaria

Zenophleps lignicolorata
7406Zenophleps lignicolorata
Orthonama obstipata
7414Orthonama obstipata
Operophtera bruceata
7437Operophtera bruceata
Eupithecia maestosa
7460Eupithecia maestosa
Eupithecia bryanti
7480Eupithecia bryanti
Eupithecia lachrymosa
7548Eupithecia lachrymosa
Eupithecia zelmira
7555Eupithecia zelmira
Eupithecia agnesata
7561Eupithecia agnesata
Eupithecia spermaphaga
7578Eupithecia spermaphaga
Eupithecia gilvipennata
7581Eupithecia gilvipennata
Eupithecia nevadata
7601Eupithecia nevadata
Eupithecia leucata
7613Eupithecia leucata
Cladara limitaria
7637Cladara limitaria
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