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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by J. C. Jones – Spiderweb, South Carolina
Nemapogon rileyi
0272Nemapogon rileyi
Homosetia costisignella
0289Homosetia costisignella
Xylesthia n. sp.
0317.96Xylesthia n. sp.
Undescribed Xylesthia Moth
Povolnya quercinigrella
0627Povolnya quercinigrella
Phyllonorycter mariaeella
0769Phyllonorycter mariaeella
Coleophora sp.
1398.97Coleophora sp.
Unidentified Coleophora Moths
Symmetrischema striatella
2039Symmetrischema striatella
Strobisia proserpinella
2254Strobisia proserpinella
Drymoana blanchardi
2336.2Drymoana blanchardi
Diploschizia lanista
2345Diploschizia lanista
Pelochrista robinsonana
3009Pelochrista robinsonana
Robinson's Eucosma Moth
Pelochrista fraudabilis
3053Pelochrista fraudabilis
Pelochrista fraudabilis
3053Pelochrista fraudabilis
Cydia marita
3448.2Cydia marita
Ecdytolopha mana
3498Ecdytolopha mana
Parachma ochracealis
5538Parachma ochracealis
Parachma ochracealis
5538Parachma ochracealis
Heliomata infulata
6263Heliomata infulata
Rare Spring Moth
Scopula lautaria
7149Scopula lautaria
Small Frosted Wave Moth
Amorpha juglandis
7827Amorpha juglandis
Walnut Sphinx Moth
Zale squamularis
8700Zale squamularis
Gray-banded Zale Moth
Zale lunifera
8713Zale lunifera
Bold-based Zale Moth
Spragueia dama
9122Spragueia dama
Southern Spragueia Moth
Sympistis perscripta
10154Sympistis perscripta
Scribbled Sallow Moth
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