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Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Photos © by Gary Kessler – Angelica, New York
Depressaria alienella
0926Depressaria alienella
Apotomis sp.
2768.97Apotomis sp.
Palpita magniferalis
5226Palpita magniferalis
Tacparia detersata
6807Tacparia detersata
Besma endropiaria
6884Besma endropiaria
Scopula quadrilineata
7165Scopula quadrilineata
Thera juniperata
7217Thera juniperata
Hydrelia albifera
7423Hydrelia albifera
Hypena humuli
8461Hypena humuli
Catocala mira
8863Catocala mira
Baileya australis
8973Baileya australis
Ponometia candefacta
9090Ponometia candefacta
Mesapamea fractilinea
9406Mesapamea fractilinea

9415"Oligia" bridghamii
Papaipema baptisiae
9485Papaipema baptisiae

Enargia infumata
9550Enargia infumata
Amphipyra tragopoginis
9639Amphipyra tragopoginis
Amphipyra tragopoginis
9639Amphipyra tragopoginis
Eupsilia devia
9939Eupsilia devia
Eupsilia devia
9939Eupsilia devia
Sympistis chionanthi
10067Sympistis chionanthi
Cryptocala acadiensis
11012Cryptocala acadiensis
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