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Digital Guide to Moth Identification


Photos © by David Silsbee – Mansfield, Connecticut
Pasiphila rectangulata
7625Pasiphila rectangulata
Calledapteryx dryopterata
7653Calledapteryx dryopterata
Dryocampa rubicunda
7715Dryocampa rubicunda
Automeris io
7746Automeris io
Actias luna
7758Actias luna
Lapara bombycoides
7817Lapara bombycoides
Darapsa choerilus
7886Darapsa choerilus
Virbia aurantiaca
8121Virbia aurantiaca
Cycnia tenera
8230Cycnia tenera
Hypena palparia
8444Hypena palparia
Hypena abalienalis
8445Hypena abalienalis
Hypena humuli
8461Hypena humuli
Scolecocampa liburna
8514Scolecocampa liburna
Calyptra canadensis
8536Calyptra canadensis
Catocala andromedae
8849Catocala andromedae
Catocala praeclara
8865Catocala praeclara
Marathyssa basalis
8956Marathyssa basalis
Paectes oculatrix
8957Paectes oculatrix
Paectes pygmaea
8959Paectes pygmaea
Baileya doubledayi
8969Baileya doubledayi
Baileya ophthalmica
8970Baileya ophthalmica
Baileya levitans
8972Baileya levitans

9025"Oruza" albocostaliata
Maliattha synochitis
9049Maliattha synochitis

9051"Lithacodia" musta
Acronicta insularis
9280Acronicta insularis
Acronicta insularis
9280Acronicta insularis
Apamea helva
9373Apamea helva
Lateroligia ophiogramma
9385.1Lateroligia ophiogramma

9404"Oligia" modica
Mesapamea fractilinea
9406Mesapamea fractilinea
Loscopia velata
9454Loscopia velata
Euplexia benesimilis
9545Euplexia benesimilis
Phlogophora iris
9546Phlogophora iris
Hyppa xylinoides
9578Hyppa xylinoides
Phosphila miselioides
9619Phosphila miselioides
Elaphria grata
9684Elaphria grata
Pyreferra hesperidago
9929Pyreferra hesperidago
Psaphida electilis
10012Psaphida electilis
Cucullia asteroides
10200Cucullia asteroides

10288"Orthodes" detracta
Melanchra adjuncta
10292Melanchra adjuncta
Lacanobia grandis
10300Lacanobia grandis
Trichordestra legitima
10304Trichordestra legitima
Egira alternans
10517Egira alternans
Morrisonia evicta
10520Morrisonia evicta
Morrisonia confusa
10521Morrisonia confusa
Trichopolia oviduca
10563Trichopolia oviduca
Orthodes cynica
10587Orthodes cynica
Feltia subgothica
10674Feltia subgothica
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