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Robert (Bob) Patterson
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In my last last post, I noted the passing of one of the great Lepidopterists of our age, James Miller. I regret to report the loss of another beloved figure of the mothing community. Last week I received word from Bill Patterson that his father Bob Patterson, founder of MPG, had passed away.

You can learn more about how Bob got his start in moth photography as well as the roots of MPG on the About My Hobby section of his Moths of Prince George's County Maryland website.

I have set up a web page honoring Bob. Please send me an email with thoughts, memories and photos you would like to share, and I will post them on that page.

Bill was kind enough to share his father's obituary with MPG:

"On Wednesday, September 28th, 2022, Robert M. Patterson, Sr. passed away at the age of 84. Bob was born April 11, 1938 in New London, Connecticut to Stephen and Helen Patterson. The family moved to Washington, DC in the early 1950's where Bob attended Anacostia High School. He married Mary Jane Nethery in 1956 and they had 5 sons, Robert Jr, William, Richard, Stephen (Scott) and Ronald. They moved to Bowie, Maryland in 1962. Bob and his brother Frank formed the business Belair Home Repair and worked together for many years serving the Bowie area. Mary Jane passed away in 1970 and Bob was later remarried to Bethel L Wilburn. Bob and Beth recently celebrated their 52nd anniversary together. Bob was a man of many passions, chief among them were; golf, bird watching, stamp and National Geographic collecting. Later in life Bob became a computer programmer, worked for and retired from the U.S. Peace Corps. In retirement, Bob studied moths and he created and maintained one of the largest Moth websites in the United States. The website now resides at Mississippi State University. Bob was preceded in death by his first wife Mary Jane and son Ron. He is survived by his wife, Beth, his sons; Robert Jr, William, Richard and Scott, 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Services will be held privately with the family."

-- Steve Nanz

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