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National Moth Week 2019, July 20-28
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The Moths of North America
Fascicle 22.1A
Drepanoidea, Doidae;
Noctuoidea, Notodontidae (Part)
Order from Wedge

Greetings moth enthusiasts! Another year has slipped by since my last post. But first, please take note that National Moth Week 2019 will be held on July 20-28. Click here to register online.

New Notodontidae Fascicle. The first part of the new Notodontidae fascicles, Fascicle 22.1A, has been published by the Wedge Entomological Research Foundation. MPG has been updated per the findings in this work.

New Noctuoidea Checklist Revision. Chris Schmidt, Don Lafontaine and Jim Troubridge have published revision 4 to the Check List of the Noctuoidea of North America north of Mexico. A copy can be downloaded from Zookeys at here. MPG has been updated per the findings in this work also.

Moth Photographers Group Foundation. I am pleased to report that we have established a Moth Photographers Group Foundation which has been incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The purpose of the foundation will be primarily to raise funding for improvements to the MPG website. The current website is outdated. It requires a lot of work making corrections and additions which could be made more efficiently with modern website tools. Adding new functionality is burdensome and in many cases impossible. From a user standpoint there will be little cosmetic change. The biggest functional changes will be in mapping and search. Currently, users have no direct access to mapping data which can be frustrating as data is often obsolete or from low confidence sources. Editing mapping data is likewise time consuming and difficult. Search is currently handled by Google and will be replaced by a new internal search which can be customized using a form. In my next report, I will go into greater detail and will talk about how you can contribute to the foundation.

Misc. Aside from some lingering mapping corrections, we are pretty much caught up on suggested edits/corrections from users. If you find any errors or if you find any papers regarding taxonomic changes which I have missed, please feel free to send me an email. Your help is always welcomed and appreciated.

-- Steve Nanz

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