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Checklists of North American Moths

The MONA Checklist (Hodges, et al., 1983) was compiled with an effective cut-off date for names published to the end of 1978. During the last thirty years a generation of scholarship has greatly advanced our knowledge about moth species and has resulted in enormous changes to the Checklist. Through the diligent efforts of several persons who have monitored the literature, and their donation of lists for use at MPG, we now have highly accurate and virtually up-to-date lists for the great majority of moth families. Greg Pohl of the Canadian Forest Service supplied a list for the micromoths. The portion for Tortricidae is largely from the World Catalog by John Brown and co-authors (2005) supplemented by more recent publications. Michael Sabourin contributed to the portion of Tortricidae represented by Cochylini. In 1983, most of the species in Cochylini (then considered to be Cochylidae) were not assigned to genera. Today, for the most part, they are placed in a variety of genera which, if the old numbering system is retained, would result in a list of confusing appearance. I have renumbered completely this one tribe. A crosswalk chart will be provided soon showing the old numbers and those now in use here.

The list for Sphingidae follows that published by James P. Tuttle in his recent monograph on that family (see Books Page). Debbie Matthews-Lott supplied the list for Pterophoridae, following primarily the work of Gielis in the World Catalogue (2003) and more recent publications. I have modernized somewhat the lists for Drepanoidea through Saturniidae with heavy dependence upon lists at All-Leps Barcoding Project that were compiled in 2002. There is much work to be done to bring these lists current. A portion of the Geometridae has been brought forward by the checklist contained in Doug Ferguson's posthumous MONA Fascicle 17.2 (2008).

Lists covering the Noctuoidea were supplied by Don Lafontaine of Agriculture Canada and the Canadian National Collection. These should be updated soon to cover changes and additions published in 2008. Greg Pohl of Natural Resources Canada's Northern Forestry Centre supplied an updated checklist for the micromoths.

A very large file listing many of the thousands of taxonomic changes since 1983 is provided here:

Taxonomic Notes Listing

It is to be hoped that serious efforts will be made to update the MPG checklists at least annually so as to closely reflect changes and additions that have been recently published. ~ Bob Patterson, 09/15/2008

Download current MPG checklist file - Excel format 03-May-2023. (Higher taxonomy is incuded but is out of date, refer to Pohl et al. (2016).)

List 010001 - 0854Pre-tortricid Micros
List 020855 - 1075Oecophoridae
List 031076 - 1680Coleophoridae-Cosmopterigidae
List 041681 - 2311Gelechiidae
List 052312 - 2512Copromorphoidea-Yponomeutoidea
List 062513 - 2626Sesiidae
List 072627 - 2700Choreutidae-Cossidae
List 082701 - 2866Tortricidae: Olethreutinae - Olethreutini
List 08.12867 - 3399Tortricidae: Olethreutinae - Eucosmini
List 08.22400 - 3500Tortricidae: Olethreutinae - Laspeyresiini
List 093501 - 3591Tortricidae: Tortricinae - Tortricini-Cnepasiini
List 09.13592 - 3694Tortricidae: Tortricinae - Archipini
List 09.23695 - 3753Tortricidae: Tortricinae - Sparganothidini
List 103754 - 3863Tortricidae: Cochylini
List 114618 - 4702Pre-Pyraloid Families
List 124703 - 4933Crambidae: Scoparinae-Evergestinae
List 12.14934 - 5298Crambidae: Pyraustinae
List 12.25299 - 5509Crambidae: Schoenobiinae-Crambinae
List 135510 - 5650Pyralidae: Pyralinae-Gallerinae
List 13.15651 - 6075Pyralidae: Phycitinae-Peorinae
List 146076 - 6088Thyrididae-Hyblaeidae
List 156089 - 6234Pterophoridae
List 166235 - 6255Drepanoidea
List 176256 - 6425Geometridae: Macaria, Digrammia
List 17.16426 - 6617Geometridae: Glena, Epimecis
List 17.26618 - 6762Geometridae: Melanolophia, Phigalia
List 17.36763 - 6844Geometridae: Nacophora, Metarranthis
List 17.46845 - 7010Geometridae: Besma, Lambdina, Eusarca
List 17.57012 - 7085Geometridae: Nemoria, Emeralds
List 17.67086 - 7181Geometridae: Idaea, Leptostales, Waves
List 17.77182 - 7332Geometridae: Eulithis, Hydriomena
List 17.87333 - 7444Geometridae: Stamnodes, Xanthorhoe
List 17.97445 - 7648Geometridae: Eupithecia, Lithostege
List 187649 - 7703Epiplemidae-Lasiocampidae
List 197704 - 7770Saturniidae
List 207771 - 7894Sphingidae
List 217895 - 8032Notodontidae
List 228033 - 8288Arctiidae
List 238289 - 8321Lymantriidae
List 248322 - 8489Noctuidae: Herminiinae -- Hypeninae
List 258450 - 8769Noctuidae: Catocalinae [less Catocala]
List 268770 - 8879Noctuidae: Catocalinae-Catocala
List 278880 - 8998Noctuidae: Plusiinae-Nolinae
List 288999 - 9198Noctuidae: Acontiinae-Pantheinae
List 299199 - 9324Noctuidae: Acronticinae-Agaristinae
List 309325 - 9872Noctuidae: Amphipyrinae
List 319873 - 10217Noctuidae: Cuculliinae
List 3210218-10640Noctuidae: Hadeninae
List 3310641-11054Noctuidae: Noctuinae
List 3411055-11212Noctuidae: Heliothinae
List 3511213-11233Noctuidae: Grotellini

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