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      Moths of Mexico by Juan Carlos T. García Morales  

All photographs © 2010 by Juan Carlos T. García Morales

In 2001 I began to photograph butterflies that visit my property. I live in a part of southeastern Mexico that was a rain forest but now is an area dedicated to livestock where the forest continues to disappear, little by little, every day. It is called the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the narrowest part of the Mexican Republic where, in the 19th century, it preceded the Panama Canal as a transit area between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.

Over the years I have photographed many of the 500+ species of butterflies known from this area. During the winter months most of the diurnal butterflies go away, so having nothing else to do I started catching moths to photograph the next morning. From the beginning I was impressed by the beauty that I found in my favorites, the Geometridae and Pyralidae. Among them I have gotten the most beautiful pictures in my collection. I collect only photographs.

I have spent many months searching the Internet, without much in the way of results, trying to identify my moths. I visited the collection at the National University in Mexico City. Unfortunately Mexico, like many other countries, does not have a complete guide to butterflies based on photographs of good quality, and moths have rarely been systematically studied. So one of my goals is to help with my skills as a photographer in the development of future reference works.

I'm planning to also work in other parts of Mexico, in as many places as I can, starting from Veracruz in the Gulf and Morelos in the Plateau, two sites with high presence of lepidoptera in my country. I will appreciate deeply any and all help with the identification of these moths.

All proposed identifications should be treated as preliminary and tentative.

  The Plate Series -- Unidentified Moths

  Tentatively Identified Moths


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