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      Nelson Poirier's Moths of New Brunswick

I am a veterinarian (semi-retired) by trade and naturalist by nature. I have a passion for meeting and getting to know as many of the residents of Mother Nature's community as time will allow and therefore, many times wish it was not necessary to sleep.

As a member of our local naturalist club, I attended a late evening outing led by Jim Edsall. What Jim showed us that came to visit his hastily set up white sheet and UV light amazed me that there were so many of these awesome creatures flying about at night and essentially going unnoticed. I came home and immediately set up my own white sheet and light as was very pleasantly surprised at what followed. The passion to preserve these gems on film soon developed. When digital photography came on the scene, it made it all the more simple to barrage Jim Edsall and Tony Thomas with images for their comments on identification.

I arranged a Mercury Vapour lamp on a tripod and started carrying it with me to set up wherever I may be when darkness came on without creating "too much of a stir".

I feel very blessed to now have a fishing camp on the Little Southwest Miramichi River at Sillikers, New Brunswick, Canada. I now have a white window blind placed on an outside wall with the MV light trained on it waiting for evening to come on to encourage visits from moths and other pleasant surprises. I collect any interesting visitors; place them in large pill vials, place them in my own dedicated small fridge (my wife's idea!!), photograph them the following morning, then release them to continue their mission in life, feeling I have only briefly interrupted their itinerary.

My most recent camera is a point and shoot Sony Cyber-shot Model H5 which is my constant companion.

All photographs 2007 by Nelson Poirier

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