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David Reed's Moths of Minnesota and Maine

I'm presently a semi-retired microbiologist who is returning to a childhood interest in those slightly larger bugs, moths. My moth interest stems from a fascination with their seemingly limitless diversity. Many of my moth photos were taken in my backyard in Chanhassen, MN, about 20 miles west of Minneapolis. I started simply by seeing how many different species would show up at the porch light. More recently, I've taken compact fluorescent lights and a sheet into the woods nearby to expand horizons a bit. August and September are spent on the coast of Maine at Bailey Island in Casco Bay not far from Portland and, again, the porch light goes on and the moths arrive.

My photographic equipment is Canon Digital SLRs from the Rebel XT to, more recently, the Canon 5D Mark II with a lovely 21 megapixel resolution. Lenses used are a Tamron 180 mm macro and the Canon MP-E 65 mm 1-5x macro with the MT-24EX twin-flash.

All photographs by David E. Reed

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The Collection

  • Plate 01.0

  • 0001 - 2700  :  Micromoths
  • Plate 02.0

  • 2701 - 3863  :  Tortricidae
  • Plate 03.0

  • 4618 - 6087  :  Zygaenoidea through Pyraloidea
  • Plate 04.0

  • 6088 - 7648  :  Pterophoridae through Geometridae
  • Plate 05.0

  • 7649 - 8321  :  Epiplemidae through Lymantriidae
  • Plate 06.0

  • 8322 - 9324  :  Noctuidae
  • Plate 07.0

  • 9325 - 11233 : Noctuidae

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