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New Publications

An Introduction to Moths and Mothing
Featuring the Moths of Devil's Canyon
David G. Barker
VPI Library

New Tortricidae Fascicle, 9.6
Epibleman, Suleima, Notocelia
Order from Wedge  $90.00

New Checklist of the Moths of North America north of Mexico
Pohl & Nanz (eds.) (2023)
Order from Wedge  $40.00

New Noctuidae Fascicle, 25.4
Pantheinae, Raphiinae,
Balsinae, Acronictinae
Order from Wedge  $115.00

New Notodontidae Fascicle, 22.1A
Pygaerinae, Notodontinae, Cerurinae, Phalerinae, Periergosinae, Dudusinae, Hemiceratinae
Order from Wedge  $90.00

New Tortricidae Fascicle, 9.5
Order from Wedge  $90.00

New Tortricidae Fascicle, 9.4
Order from Wedge  $90

Annotated Checklist of the Moths and Butterflies, Lepidoptera, of Canada & Alaska
Order from Amazon  $170

Caterpillars of Eastern North America
Order from Amazon  $30

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  General Coverage Books on Moths
Beadle, D. & S. Leckie Peterson Field Guide To Moths Of Northeastern North America 2012, Peterson Field Guides
$25.49 [Amazon]
Covell, Jr., Charles V. A Field Guide to Moths: of Eastern North America 2005, Spec. Pub. 12
VA Mus. Nat. Hist.
$44.00 [order]
Handfield, Louis Les Papillons du Qu»bec
Don't let the French title or text put you off. The plates are fantastic. Everyone in the Northeastern quarter of the USA or Eastern Canada needs this book.
Broucherville, QB
Broquet, 2011
$38.50 [Amazon]
Leckie, S & D. Beadle Peterson Field Guide To Moths Of Southeastern North America 2018, Peterson Field Guides
$18.49 [Amazon]
Mitchell, Robert T.
Zim, Herbert S.
Butterflies and Moths: A Guide to the More Common American Species.
Entry level field Golden Guide that can be surprisingly useful at times.

St. Martin's Press
2001, 1-582-381364
Powell, J.A. & P.A. Opler Moths of Western North America
A Superb Western Guide to Moths
University of California Press, 2009, $99.95
Book Review & Ordering
Opler, Paul A. Butterflies and Moths: Peterson First Guides series.
Entry level.
Houghton Mifflin
1993, 0-395-90665-2
$5.95, [Amazon]
  Technical Publications
The MONA publication series (more properly The Moths of America North of Mexico) may be ordered by mail/check credit card or PayPal from the Wedge Entomological Research Foundation.
Pohl & Nanz (eds.) Annotated Taxonomic Checklist Of The Lepidoptera Of North America, North Of Mexico 2023, $40.00
Hodges, R.W., et al. Check List of the Lepidoptera of America North of Mexico.
This is where those Hodges Numbers come from. Although replaced with a new Phylogenetic Sequence numbering system, we continue to use the Hodges system for crossreferencing. "Hodges Numbers" do not alter with taxonomic changes. The new Phylogenetic Sequence numbering system, first debuted in the Lafontaine & Schmidt (2010) Noctuoidea checklist and later extended to all Lepidoptera in the Pohl et al. (2016) NA checklist and Pohl & Nanz (eds.) (2023) NA Checklist, is regularly updated to reflect current taxonomy.
1983, $28.00
Eichlin, Thomas D.
Duckworth, Donald W.
MONA Fascicle 5.1. -- Sesiidae. 1988, $65.00
Hodges, R.W. MONA Fascicle 6.1. -- Gelechioidea: Cosmpoterigidae. 1978, $49.00
Hodges, R.W. MONA Fascicle 6.2. -- Gelechioidea: Oecophoridae. 1974, $59.00
Hodges, R.W. MONA Fascicle 7.1. -- Gelechioidea, Gelechiidae (Part). 1986, $70.00
Hodges, R.W. MONA Fascicle 7.6. -- Gelechioidea, Gelechiidae (Part). 1999, $115.00
Powell, J.A.
J.W. Brown
MONA Fascicle 8.1. -- Sparganothini + Atteriini. 2012, $70.00
Wright, D.J.
T.M. Gilligan
MONA Fascicle 9.4. -- Eucosma Hübner of the Contiguous United States and Canada. 2015, $90.00
Wright, D.J.
T.M. Gilligan
MONA Fascicle 9.5. -- Pelochrista Lederer of the Contiguous United States and
2017, $90.00
Wright, D.J.
T.M. Gilligan
MONA Fascicle 9.6. -- Epiblema Hübner, Sonia Heinrich, Suleima Heinrich, and
                                     Notocelia Hübner of the Contiguous United States and Canada
2023, $80.00
Munroe, E.G. MONA Fascicle 13.1A -- Pyralidae: Scopariinae, Nymphulinae, text only, no plates.
MONA Fascicle 13.1B -- Pyralidae: Odontiinae, Glaphryiinae, text only, no plates.
1972, $44.00
Set of 2 Vols.
Munroe, E.G. MONA Fascicle 13.2A -- Pyralidae: Pyraustinae, Pyraustini (Part). 1976, $38.00
Munroe, E.G. MONA Fascicle 13.2B -- Pyralidae: Pyraustinae, Pyraustini (Part). 1976, $38.00
Neunzig, H.H. MONA Fascicle 15.2. -- Pyralidae: Phycitinae (Part). 1986, $45.00
Neunzig, H.H. MONA Fascicle 15.3. -- Pyralidae: Phycitinae (Part). 1990, $60.00
Neunzig, H.H. MONA Fascicle 15.4. -- Pyralidae: Phycitinae (Part). 1997, $55.00
Neunzig, H.H. MONA Fascicle 15.5. -- Pyralidae: Phycitinae (Part). 2003, $115.00
Ferguson, D.C. MONA Fascicle 17.2. -- Geometroidea: Geometridae (Part). 2008, $115.00
Ferguson, D.C. MONA Fascicle 18.1. -- Geometroidea: Geometridae (Part). 1985, $55.00
Franclemont, J.G. MONA Fascicle 20.1. -- Mimallonidae, Apatelodidae, Bombycidae, Lasiocampidae. 1973, $33.00
Ferguson, D.C. MONA Fascicle 20.2A -- Saturniidae: Citheroniinae, Hemileucinae (Part). 1971, $38.00
Ferguson, D.C. MONA Fascicle 20.2B -- Saturniidae: Hemileucinae (Part), Saturniinae. 1972, $38.00
Hodges, R.W. MONA Fascicle 21. -- Sphingidae. 1971, $50.00
Miller, J.S., et al. MONA Fascicle 22.1A. -- Doidae, Notodontidae (Part). 2018, $95.00
Ferguson, D.C. MONA Fascicle 22.2. -- Lymantriidae. 1978, $48.00
Lafontaine, J.D.
R.W. Poole
MONA Fascicle 25.1. -- Noctuidae: Plusiinae. 1991, $70.00
Schmidt, B.C.
G.C. Anweiler
MONA Fascicle 25.4. -- Noctuidae (Part): Pantheinae, Raphiinae, Balsinae, Acronictinae 2020, $115.00
Poole, R.W. MONA Fascicle 26.1. -- Noctuidae: Cuculliinae, Stiriinae, Psaphidinae (Part). 1995, $70.00
Mikkola, et al. MONA Fascicle 26.9. -- Noctuidae: Apameini. 2009, $80.00
Lafontaine, J.D. MONA Fascicle 27.1. -- Noctuidae: Agrotini. 2004, $115.00
Lafontaine, J.D. MONA Fascicle 27.2. -- Noctuidae: Euxoa. 1987, $75.00
Lafontaine, J.D. MONA Fascicle 27.3. -- Noctuidae: Noctuini. 1998, $115.00

  Treatments of Specific Moth Families
Chapman, P.J.
Lienk, S.E.
Flight Periods of Adults of Cutworms, Armyworms, Loopers and others (family Noctuidae) injurious to vegetable and field crops.
Agriculture #14. New York State Agriculture Experiment Station, Geneva.
1981, $1.00
3 plates, ~ 100 spp.
website and phone
Chapman, P.J.
Lienk, S.E.
Tortricid Fauna of Apple in New York

1971, $10.00
Details to come
website and phone
Gilligan, Todd M.
Wright, Donald J.
Gibson, Loran D.
Olethreutine Moths of the Midwestern United States
An Identification Guide

Ohio Biological Survey
2008, 0-86727-160-7
(out of print)
McCabe, T.L. A Reclassification of the Polia Complex for North America.
Bulletin 432, New York State Museum, Albany
1980, $8.00, 210 figs.
NYSM website
Grehan, J. R.,
Sabourin, M.,
Hanson, P. M.
Maple Feeding Tortricidae of the Northeastern United States
Guide to Identification of Adults.
[out of print]
1995, VT Agricultural
Experiment Station
University of Vermont
Rockburne, Eric W.
Lafontaine, J. Donald
The Cutworm Moths of Ontario and Quebec

Agriculture Canada
1976, 0-660-00514-X
Sargent, Theodore D. Legion of the Night: The Underwing Moths.
[out of print, but available on a CD]
Univ. of. Mass. Press
1976, Get it on CD
Taft, William H.
Smitley, Dave
Snow, J. Wendell
A Guide to the Clearwing Borers (Sesiidae) of the North Central United States
North Central Regional Publication No. 394, Updated March 2004

Mich. St. Univ. Ext.
2004, 32 pp.
$13.50 [mail or phone]
Tuskes, Paul M.
Tuttle, James P.
Collins, Michael M.
The Wild Silk Moths of North America
A Natural History of the Saturniidae of the United States and Canada

Cornell Univ. Press
1996, 0-8014-313-01
$85.00 [Amazon]
Tuttle, James P. The Hawk Moths of North America
A Natural History Study of the Sphingidae of the United States and Canada

Wedge Foundation
2007, 0-9796-633-07
$126 [Amazon] 9522

  Online Journals and Research Reports

  Biology of Lepidoptera
Young, Mark The Natural History of Moths
Excellent account of moth biology and ecology. Examples from Britain and Europe.

T. & D. Poyser Ltd.
1996, 0-856-61103-4
$44.16, [Amazon]

  Popular Accounts of Moths and Mothing
Collins, Michael M. Moth Catcher: An Evolutionists' Journey Through Canyon and Pass.
This is a delightful and easy read. Collins found a hybrid zone where the process of evolution in wild silk moths can be observed and studied. He writes with the same passion with which he followed and worked with these moths.
Univ. Nevada Press
2007   0-87417-735-0
See The Book  $18.95
Himmelman, John Discovering Moths: Nighttime Jewels in Your Own Backyard.
Anyone who photographs, collects, or just observes moths needs to read this fine book. Himmelman takes you through the mothing year in his CT yard. His excitement is palpable. His recipe for moth bait works! His artistic talent adds to the fun of reading.
Down East Books
2002   0-89272-528-1
See The Book  $18.95
Hooper, J. Of Moths and Men: Intrigue, Tragedy and the Peppered Moth.
Reads like a novel but is non-fiction; described as "A riotous story of ambition and deceit". Essential read for anyone interested in Industrial Melanism.
W.W. Norton
2003, 0-393-32525-3
$15.95 [Amazon]
Porter-Stratton, Gene Moths of the Limberlost You might find the original book available through interlibrary loan. The reprint does not contain the hand-colored engravings. This is a wonderful tale of early 1900s mothing in Indiana by a woman who reared larva and made numerous discoveries. A much higher priced hardcover reprint also lacks the old illustrations.

Kessinger Publishing
2003, 1-419-13540-6
$19.95 [Amazon]

  Popular Works in Entomology (including at least some moths)
Berenbaum, May R. Bugs in the System: Insects and Their Impact on Human Affairs
If you have never read May Berenbaum you have missed one of the finer things in life. She's lucid, witty and cute! And she knows a good pun when she sees one.
Helix Booka
1995, 0-201-40824-4
$20.00 [Amazon]
Berenbaum, May R. Buzzwords: A Scientist Muses on Sex, Bugs, and Rock 'N' Roll

Joseph Henry Press
2000, 0-309-06835-0
$14.95 [Amazon]
Berenbaum, May R. Ninety-Nine Gnats, Nits, and Nibblers

Univ. Illinois Press
1989, 0-252-06027-X
$18.95 [Amazon]
Berenbaum, May R. Ninety-Nine More Maggots, Mites, and Munchers

Univ. Illinois Press
1993, 0-252-06322-8
$18.95 [Amazon]
Eisner, Thomas For Love of Insects
Masterfully written by an eminent scientist, it is easy reading for anyone who loves detective stories about insects, and the mysteries of their chemistry and biology.

Belknap Press
2003, 0-674-01181-3
$29.95, [Amazon]
  Free Publications

USDA, Forest Service publications may be ordered by phoning Ms. Jane McComb at the Durham, New Hampshire field office. She might also be able to assist in obtaining publications by other U.S. Federal Agencies. (603) 868-7694.

Maier, Chris T., et al. Caterpillars on the Foliage of Conifers in the Northeastern United States.

2004, USDA
Forest Service
Miller, Jeffrey C. Caterpillars of Pacific Northwest Forests and Woodlands.
Many of the species are found also in Eastern North America.
1995, USDA
Forest Service
Miller, Jeffrey C.
Hammond, Paul C.
Lepidoptera of the Pacific Northwest: Caterpillars and Adults.
Many of the species are found also in Eastern North America.

2003, USDA
Forest Service
Miller, William E. Guide to the Olethreutine Moths of Midland North America (Tortricidae)
Blank-and-white half-specimen photographs of ~ 285 species.
1987, USDA
Forest Service
Agric. Handbk. 660
Wagner, David, et al. Geometroid Caterpillars of Northeastern and Appalachian Forests
Contains excellent photos of adult moths as well as larvae.
2001, USDA
Forest Service
Wagner, David, et al. Caterpillars of Eastern Forests

1997, USDA
Forest Service

Wagner, David L. Caterpillars of Eastern North America: A Guide to Identification and Natural History.
Covers nearly 700 species of butterflies and moths found east of the Mississippi River.

Princeton Univ. Press
2005, 0-691-12144-3
$20.95, [Amazon]
Wright, Amy Bartlett Caterpillars: Peterson First Guides series.
Entry level, covers 120 moth and butterfly larvae.

Houghton Mifflin
1993, 0-395-91184-2
$5.95, [Amazon]

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