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Charles Melton's Miller Canyon Moths

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9322029295Cryphia sarepta
Cryphia sarepta
932239.59297.5Pseudomarimatha flava
Pseudomarimatha flava
9319679302Gerra radicalis
Gerra radicalis
Gerra radicalis
9319689303Gerra sevorsa
Gerra sevorsa
Gerra sevorsa
9319699304Gerrodes minatea
Gerrodes minatea
931970.29305.2Neotuerta sabulosa
Neotuerta sabulosa
9319729307 – Purslane Moth – Euscirrhopterus gloveri
Euscirrhopterus gloveri
Euscirrhopterus gloveri
9323719407Mesapamea arbora
Mesapamea arbora
Mesapamea arbora
9325129430 – Selicanis Moth – Selicanis cinereola
Selicanis cinereola
9322749561Dypterygia patina
Dypterygia patina
9326909577Pseudohadena vulnerea
Pseudohadena vulnerea
9327189587Properigea loculosa
Properigea loculosa
9327209589 – Barrens Moth – Properigea costa
Properigea costa
9327219590Properigea continens
Properigea continens
Properigea continens
9327289597Hemibryomima chryselectra
Hemibryomima chryselectra
9327389607Pseudanarta singula
Pseudanarta singula
9327459614Homoanarta falcata
Homoanarta falcata
9315679620Miracavira brillians
Miracavira brillians
Miracavira brillians
9315699627Paratrachea viridescens
Paratrachea viridescens
9322829637.1 – Orbed Narrow-wing Moth – Magusa divaricata
Magusa divaricata
Magusa divaricata


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